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Major Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behaviour And Purchase Intention

In this article, Major Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behaviour. In recent years, online shopping has become extremely popular due to the overall convenience and instant gratification. Online shopping offers cost and time efficiency, quick reviews, easy-return policies, discounts, and endless sales are just a few of the reasons. It took the business world by storm in a few years after its conception. It has become all-the-more major for anyone who wishes to sell their product on an eCommerce store to understand the aspects. That impacts online shopping and consumer behavior, and factors influencing online purchase intention.

An eCommerce company can increase traffic on its website or shopping app by making a subtle change in marketing strategy. It is the front-end design by studying the factors affecting consumer behavior towards online shopping. Its impact of influencers on online purchase intent.

According to online shopping consumer behavior research, consumer behavior in online shopping depends on many features. These factors affecting consumer behavior towards online shopping do so in a way that is obvious and understandable. However, these influence buyers heavily and affect the online shopping behavior of consumers directly and palpably.

You will understand the online shopper behavior. It influences online shopping decisions and establishing the relation between online shopping. The behavior of consumers is crucial to analyze the factors influencing online purchase intention.

We discussed the vital aspects find to influence consumer behavior in online shopping are:


It is the main reason online shopping is not popular among people of older age groups is due to the risk factor associated with it. It is difficult to determine how the product seen on-screen will perform in real life. Besides, it is hard to guess the exact physical attributes of a product (shape, size, color, etc.) from a screen. There is always the risk of ending up with ill-fitting clothes, faulty appliances. One is shopping online, the leaky containers, or facing problems with product returns. Hence, it is understandable why people would prefer shopping from websites. It can offer assurance against defective goods or proof of the quality of goods they are selling.


The online consumer shopping habits and behavior found that ease-of-access, navigation, response, personalization, etc. These are key factors affecting consumer behavior in online shopping. It plays a vital role in determining customer actions and online consumer shopping habits and behavior. The online shopping behavior research conducted by Masínová and Svandová in 2014 showed. These are factors that affect customers’ satisfaction considerably. Therefore, it is to have a competent front-end developer for making one’s website stand out, the behavior of online shopper’s who has studied the experts. For online shopping decisions with the influences, it is hard to invest sufficient time and resources in website design and graphics.



Money plays a vital role in determining consumer behavior in online shopping. Typically shopping sites that have attractive offers and frequent sales drive more traffic than those with over-priced products. The free delivery charges and large discounts attract customers and ensure. When they visit your website more frequently in search of available offers on the choice of their product. The buyer is more likely to shop online for sports accessories from the store when a 30% discount than the store selling at MRP. It is bring sold at a marked-down price or discounted price as compared to the one.

It is being sold at the same price but doesn’t offer a discount. Many people tend to believe that they are getting the product at a cheaper rate. It makes them want to purchase the selling price increases again. It is a marketing strategy used by many popular eCommerce companies. An exemption to this might be customers who give preference to brand value or name over the capital. Its believed that cheaper products are always of inferior quality. That’s why some customers deliberately pay more for services and goods that might be available for a lesser price in the marketplace.


Psychological and emotional state is also a factor that affects the online shopping behavior of consumers. This aspect is a bit more subtle and relatively difficult to understand. It plays a central role in determining if customers are likely to interact with your service in the future or not-Online shopping consumer behavior on the impact of online purchases. The small issues like poor aesthetic design, response speed, and background color discourage consumers from shopping from an app or website. We found the online shopping behavior research shows that customer experience is associated with feelings of pleasure, arousal, and achieving a specific goal while shopping.

It compared with having a rewarding or hedonic effect on consumers. Online shopping consumer behavior research also suggests. The utilitarian or serviceable facilities are preferred over over-the-top offers and extravagant services by customers. These factors are similar processing speed, ease of access, service quality, payment options, responsiveness, user-friendly nature, content, navigation ease, security, etc. It significantly affects how much traffic an eCommerce company will be driving towards its website in the long-term scheme things.


Most of the other factors such as popularity among people of the same age-group, spam or virus risk, annoying emails, nature of the products being sold, past shopping experiences. It is a large number of ads administrative implications can also, by and large, determine if an e-commerce site will thrive or die in the long run.


Consumers are increasingly adopting electronic channels for purchase or buying
their daily needs. It has shown a growing interest of consumers in internet shopping.
Therefore, this has enhanced the advancement of technology. consumers’ awareness and created a situation, where people prefer shopping online instead of visit the shop to get the products or goods.

Aside from creating a website as an area to market the products, a number of the sellers used social media as a medium or place to sell and promote the products. The most objective of this research is to look at the factors influencing online shopping intention among customers. The empirical results indicate convenience, time-saving, website/features, and security. These are factors influencing the intention of online shopping for customers.

However, Studying online shopper behavior: influences of online shopping decisions. It can also help companies working in the e-commerce sector to the needs of their customers better. It also improves their understanding of factors of the relation between online shopping and consumer behavior.

 Further Study:

Different independent variables that may have an influence on online purchase intention, such as brand awareness, brand association, should be investigated by further study to urge a deeper understanding of varied factors for his or her effectiveness on the purchasers purchasing intention.

Different research methodology should be added in future studies to get a far better understanding too. The female customers with the age range of 16-30 years group, as the majority of the demographic factors during this research, might be divided again into sub-segments to actually understand subculture. And different lifestyle segment that triggers Lazada. co. customer purchase intention. The Perceptual mapping or market mapping analysis would also help to further understand consumers perception/mindset of Lazada compared to the competitors.

This is often important when Shopee, AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay all provide the same business model roughly. It is an equivalent product sales price, then the selection of platform for customers usually depends on their individual sense of what’s best. Finally, this research framework is often applied to other different e-commerce platforms, like Shopee, Zalora, etc. to review the trust and buy intention of the web shopping intention as an entire.


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