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Maged Elhami, Montreal executive, on networking to find jobs

When you’re on the hunt for a job, everything from resume building to the application process can seem daunting. For starters, finding a new job often means dealing with lengthy applications while continuing to work your current job.

Or maybe you’re just starting a job search for the first time, which means you have a lot to learn.

One way to navigate this territory, from any standpoint, is to start researching the necessary qualifications and experience. You need to know what employers are looking for when they’re hiring new employees. You can get started by searching job listing sites like Indeed and Monster, and making a list of the most common requirements for the type of job you’re seeking.

From there, it’s important to network — especially if you’re trying to find a job in a new industry.

Successful networking must bypass all the modern barriers created by technology, Montreal entrepreneur Maged Elhami said. That means getting your resume in front of a human — not a computer system.

“Today’s job-hunting journey is best traveled by networking,” Maged Elhami said. “Networking can be done online. But what you want to avoid with the endless online applications are the traps of the applicant tracking systems or ATS [applicant tracking systems]. If you can avoid them, you’ll get your resume in front of a person.”

If you’re not familiar with ATS, you’re not the only one.

The best Applicant Tracking System helps pinpoint appropriate applicants for jobs. However, it can also lead to quality candidates being missed if specific words/phrases aren’t picked up in the resume and application process.

So what can be done to increase your chances of being seen by employers? Go back to your research!

Don’t just research jobs that are available. Research the companies posting those jobs. Go above and beyond to ensure that you know what makes their company stand out.

Spend time understanding why the company exists, who makes the company what it is, and what knowledge you could bring to help them as an employee.

When you’re exploring more about the company, you can find the kind of information that can make you a stand-out candidate. You’ll also learn if you’re well-suited for the company and if you feel that the company would provide you with a place to grow and showcase your talents.

Elhami also offered some advice to those in charge of hiring.

“If you’re spreading your time across multiple businesses, chances are you can’t do it all alone,” Maged Elhami said. “It is so important to hire knowledgeable people who can manage the day-to-day operations of your company and who not only understand the industry but also possess the skills that fill your knowledge gaps. Find people who are passionate and who have a clear understanding of the industry. Most importantly, your team should have a willingness to grow with you.”

Working off of that same advice, he also shared another tip for job hunters: You should be willing to grow with your company. This shouldn’t just drive you to find any job — it should prompt you to find the perfect fit for yourself.

Hopefully, your next job hunt is driven by the desire to better yourself and your life. If you use these tips and focus on the knowledge and networking suggested by Elhami, then you’re off to a great start.

Elhami added finding a job It’s not fun, this is itself a big job,” it takes a lot of time, and the lack of guarantee of success means that many people give up on searching for their dream job after repeated disappointments. Don’t give up. It might take a year or more, but persistence really does pay off. That’s true for most things in life, but especially the hunt for better work.”

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