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Lynn Anna Lafreniere: An Inspiration For Young Models

Being a young model and beauty expert is not easy nowadays. There are many young girls who want to become a model and beauty expert. But only being an expert doesn’t make you a model. You should be aware of the new beauty technologies and you should know how to make people know about yourself. Everyone wants to be an icon for the young generation but no one wants to work hard as it takes to be an icon.

Lynn Anna Lafreniere is a top Instagram model who has worked very hard and gained knowledge of beauty through studies and experiences. She is an icon and an inspiration for young models. She devoted her life to beauty. Looking smart was difficult but now it’s easy because of the easily available beauty products and knowledge on social media. Lynn Anna also shares her knowledge about products and gives beauty tips that have helped many young girls.


Lynn Anna’s Career Experiences

Like every beauty expert and fashion model, Lynn anna also had many ups and downs but she didn’t have those ups and downs in the way of her dream. She was living in Shanghai, working with one of the finest makeup artists. There she learned a lot about Asian beauty. Her fascinating work drew the attention of Sulwhasoo and Tony Moly which are one of the biggest skincare companies in Asia. They were attracted by her expertise in Asian products and skincare.

Lynn Anna never compromised on her dream of becoming a model. She got her degree in Fashion Marketing from The Art Institute in Los Angele. Now in Brooklyn, she is continuing her further studies in marketing and Asian beauty products. Even though she is an expert but still she is gaining more knowledge and experience to be a great model.

Many brands before releasing their products, come to take the feedback from Lynn anna. Her hard work has led her to the cover of fashion magazines and runways of New York. She is also sharing her modeling experience with some brands such as Nasty Gal, Billabong, Betsey Johnson, Oryany, Wella,  and Makeup Forever.

Lynn Anna And Her Attachment With Asian Beauty

Lynn Anna always had an attachment with Asian beauty since she was introduced to Asian skincare technologies and products. Being an expert, she was impressed by the Asian companies by observing the ingredients and techniques used in their products. They produced such products that are affordable to buy and still stands ahead of trends of beauty in the United States.

This special attachment made her travel to Asia for research. She researched the beauty techniques and products used in Korea, Japan, and China. Also; she is working for many Asian brands and companies. She is very honest about her reviews and feedback on products that are going to be released in the market.

Social Media Influencer

Lynn Anna is not only a fashion model and a beauty expert but also a social media influencer. It’s important to be an influencer nowadays so people can reach you out and the audience can get the knowledge easily which you want to provide them. Lynn Anna is one of the top Instagram models.

She has 116K followers on Instagram. You can look at her amazing photos there. She is also uploading her IGTV videos on Instagram which are very informative. Her Pumpkin Muffins and Spa day IGTV videos have driven her attention from nearly 50K people.

If you want to know more about her and want to look at her amazing pics and IGTV videos. Check out her Instagram

Lynn Anna has her own site where she provides its viewers with beauty tips and information about skincare. She is also including wellness to her blogs. If you want to read her beauty tips blogs. Visit her site to know more about her.


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