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Lutetium Treatment for Cancer

The advanced stages of cancer are an enormous problem of modern medicine. Treatment of advanced cancer is difficult because of the multiple metastases. However, thanks to the development of modern methods of targeted therapy, patients receive additional years of life. Currently, the PSMA therapy with Lutetium-177 is increasingly being used to treat metastatic prostate cancer. What is this technique and what is the mechanism of its action?

Lutetium therapy overview

Radionuclide therapy is a modern technique of targeted irradiation when a radioactive agent binds specifically to the malignant cells. Such treatment is only available in the best cancer clinics abroad. The principle of radionuclide cancer therapy includes the introduction of special medications containing radionuclides into the human body, that get directly to the affected areas.

The drug injected during the radionuclide treatment accumulates in the primary tumor and metastases. It irradiates the neoplasm, leading to its destruction. Surrounding tissues and healthy structures are minimally affected.

A unique achievement in the field of radionuclide therapy is the radiopharmaceutical Lutetium-177. This medication was developed primarily for the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer, and the destruction of neuroendocrine tumors.

Which pathologies are treated with Lutetium therapy?

Generally, the main condition for performing Lutetium treatment for cancer is the presence of a molecular target in the malignant cells. In other words, cancer cells must have PSMA on their surface.

Lutetium treatment is usually performed in the following cases:
  • Advanced cancer, cancer with multiple metastases
  • Poor efficacy of other therapies, cancer progression against the background of treatment
  • Surgical removal of the tumor is not possible

The undoubted indication for Lutetium therapy is hormone-resistant metastatic prostate cancer, which is progressing despite the ongoing drug therapy.

Lutetium PSMA therapy for prostate cancer

Lutetium PSMA therapy consists of administering a radionuclide for internal irradiation of metastases, including the bone ones. The property of Lutetium-177 PSMA to recognize cancer cells and bind to them significantly improves the efficacy of treatment and its tolerability.

Treatment with Lutetium-177 PSMA results in the complete absorption of the injected dose by the target tissues, destruction of malignant cells, and suppression of their reproduction. Therefore:

  • Primary tumor and metastatic foci significantly reduce in size, and some of them completely disappear
  • PSMA blood level decreases, sometimes back to normal, which indicates the suppression of advanced prostate cancer
  • Pain associated with metastases significantly decreases
  • The patient’s general condition and well-being improve due to the reduced cancer intoxication

The Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy is a high-tech technique that requires admission to the hospital. Its efficacy is assessed with the help of PET-CT. First, the study is performed with the diagnostic radionuclide to detect all areas cancer has spread to and obtain baseline data, with which the results of treatment are then compared.

Lutetium treatment during the lockdown

Lutetium treatment is usually carried out in patients with advanced stages of cancer, and at those stages, the treatment shouldn’t have any delays. That’s why patients often require assistance in organizing treatment abroad during the lockdown because right now it is as complicated as it could be.

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