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Love Alarm Season 2 will Hit Netflix in 2020, Plenty of Trio’s Love Chapters to Unfold

Love Alarm, a Korean drama but Netflix’s original rocked since it released on 22 August 2019.

The Korean Romance Series follows a love triangle sparked by an advanced but problematic mobile app, Joalarm. Whereas Joalarm starts pinging you whenever you come across the person who owns feelings for you.

The Korean but Netflix’s original romance series based on the webtoon of the same names revolve around the three leading characters. Kim Jo-Jo, Hwang Sun-Oh, and Lee Hye-Yeong are the leading characters of Love Alarm.

In Love Alarm Season 1, we came across the love triangle between this trio where Sun-Oh, and Hye-Yeong both fell in love with Jo-Jo. Whereas Jo-Jo with some bitter family past seems to be a contented and happy girl. On the other hand, Sun-Oh belonging to a rich family, being handsome and having many admirers fell in love with the simplest girl, Sun-Oh with whom Sun-Oh’s best friend, Hye-Yeong was already and secretly in love.

Anyhow, despite loving Jo-Jo Truly, Hye-Yeong chose to hide his feelings as his best friend also loves her.

Well, the main conception of this romance series lies in the impact of a disruptive tech on the lives of people leading them to suffer through imbalanced love lives which we will further explore in Love Alarm Season 2. I have already told you about the disruptive application named Joalarm which starts ringing whenever someone who loves you or likes you passes nearby you within the 10-meter area.

Love Alarm Season 2

So, let’s see how the disruptive app will hype the intensity among the love trio in the upcoming season of Love Alarm.

Will Jo-Jo and Sun-Oh be able to know about the secrets feelings of Hye-Yeong?

There’s no doubt that Netflix will soon renew the Love Alarm for Season 2. Certainly, the future of Love Alarm is promising as there’s a lot to come yet. 

If the makers rely on the webtoon version of the romance series then they will get cents of love chapters to unfold in Love Alarm tv series.

Love Alarm Season 2 will arrive in 2020 on Netflix.

We will keep updating you with the recent updates about Love Alarm.

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