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Lose Weight With Smaller Portion of Domino’s Pizza and Chocolate!

The common concept of losing weight considers cut off from chocolate and a Domino’s pizza! Well, here I’m sharing surprising news with you. A fitness expert said that your favorite foods are not so bad. Favorite foods could be helpful in weight loss but follow the simple rule.
According to nutritionist Graeme Tomlinson, “Chocolates and pizza can help in weight loss if you monitor the portion size.

Graeme Tomlinson is famous as fitness chef and says, ” portion control is a key for you when you keep your favorite stuff in the diet plan. Moreover, he also emphasizes to select a smaller portion of your favorite food.”

Here is an example. A personal pan pizza of domino has just 678 calories while the large crust Pepperoni Pizza gives 1923 calories.

Furthermore, he says, “Instead of ripping up your current diet the tips is simple by reducing the meal size of ultra calories dense foods. If you consume on a regular base, you have a significant impact on the outcome of your weight.

there is nothing wrong if you consume large sizes of any food, but as you can see the famous branded food like Starbucks lattes, Domino’s pizzas, white wine, and other similar products provide different calorie per larger or smaller item.

So replacing these items with the same things in a smaller format because it reduces the calories, that’s a simple solution.

Meanwhile, Graeme also admits that chocolate and pizza obviously are energy-dense foods and have different nutritional value as compare to fruit and vegetables. But he says you can use it for losing weight.

Besides also he added that these foods are useless in terms of delivering micronutrients and unbalanced regarding macronutrient ratios.

However, Graeme reveals that you can enjoy these tasty treats and get your meaningful goal. So follow the expert opinion and enjoy their favorite foods.

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