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Kubota: Heavy Equipment Market Leader

Kubota: Heavy Equipment Market Leader

The Kubota brand is undoubtedly among the most recognisable brand names within the sphere of the heavy equipment manufacturers. The company which was established in 1890 in Osaka, Japan has grown to become a global leader in both the agricultural spectrum and also the construction industry due to their proactive solutions towards market demands.  When it comes to heavy equipment, reliability, versatility and low maintenance are priorities that cannot be overlooked and Kubota has made it a point that their equipment are exactly all of the above, and then some.

Among the numerous products that Kubota produces, the most popular are undoubtedly the range of excavators that the company has thus far released into the market. The popularity of their products has even created a secondary excavator hire market that mainly offer a wide range of Kubota excavators from different categories (mini, medium and standard excavators). The reason behind the popularity of Kubota excavators is actually quite evident: they are easy to operate, practical and rarely breakdown compared to other brands.

Apart from designing robust features to their excavators, Kubota is also constantly improving on the practicality of their machines that take the comfort and safety of the operators as a critical factor into the mechanics of their design. For instance, the Kubota U35 that was released quite recently is a medium class excavator that offers the same space of a standard 5 tonne excavator without compromising on any other features.

As a matter of fact, the unit has even more features compared to previous models. Similarly, the compact versions or the mini excavators that Kubota released into the market over the last few years such as the KX040-4 mini excavator or the K008-3 that comes with an adjustable track width and chassis allowing it to fit through a standard door frame. Such innovative addition into not just their excavators, but also into every other product that bears the brand name is what gives Kubota a unique advantage over their competitors.

Their current market position reflects the company’s diligent approach to market needs and demands. As for the company’s primary market which involves larger heavy machinery, Kubota has made it a point to ensure that downtime is minimal, based on feedback from customers, Kubota engineers embarked on a crusade against frequent breakdowns and managed to come up with solutions that effectively kept their machines running under extreme duress.

All Kubota machines comply with international ISO standards and emission regulations which makes obtaining permits for them and actually employing them into projects hassle free. Most of their latest models are digitised and come with enhanced warning systems that are sensitive to the internal conditions of the machines. The prompts from these indicators tell operators when it is time to send their machines for servicing or which parts require replacements which is crucial to the upkeep and maintenance of these machines.

The impressive progress that Kubota has made over the last century can be directly attributed to the company’s objective to be a business partner to those they serve first more than any other factor.


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