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Khadi Saree – Fashion Revolutionized with Trendy Styles

Khadi Saree – Fashion Revolutionized with Trendy Styles: This 9-yard drape does not ask you to fit-in. It makes you stand out for the saree has been the quintessential garment of Indian women’s fashion. The western culture is also embracing to make a style statement.

Nothing makes one stop and admire you like a well-draped saree. In the Indian women’s wear segment, the saree contributes to nearly 33% of the total sales.

Khadi symbolizes the true Indian spirit of “ahimsa” (non-violence). It has been known as the fabric that fuels nationalism, equality, and self-reliance. It is a fabric that fashion designers across countries use to create art pieces that can be worn.

When Khadi and saree come together, the result is a timeless masterpiece that can adorn any woman and make her look divine. Now buying Khadi sarees online has never been easier. Today we will discuss the various options you have when looking for a Khadi saree.

Khadi Cotton

Fashion connoisseurs crave the irregularities that this hand-woven fabric narrates. It tells a tale of the human effort that goes into creating a swath of cloth that is masterfully crafted and unique in their creation.

Khadi cotton sarees are designed using hand-spun cotton yarn. What sets it apart from its handloom counterpart is that the thread used in handloom cotton sarees is machine-spun.

Khadi Silk

Hand-spun and hand-woven silk fabric result in stylish silk sarees that are trendy and suitable for all occasions. You can spot the difference between a Khadi silk saree and a handloom silk saree quiet easily.

Hold up the fabric to light. A Khadi silk saree will have more uniformity in density when compared to its handloom counterpart. Also, Khadi is more transparent than handloom.

Khadi Woolen

Khadi woolen fabric was traditionally used to make winter clothing. Contemporary designers use the material to design exquisitely hand-crafted sarees that can withstand the scrutiny of any style connoisseur’s toughest criticism. Artisans painstakingly weave each thread of wool to make the swath of cloth that ends up in high-end designer stores in the form of sarees. The e-commerce boom has resulted in you getting Khadi sarees online that are a notch beyond your expectations.

Khadi MatkaSilk

This rough, uneven silk cloth is hand-spun and woven to produce the elegant Khadi Matka silk saree. The yarn is derived from the Bombyx Mori silkworm that is unique to the Murshidabad region of Bengal.

The texture is rougher than regular silk, almost like linen, but does have the sheen of silk. Artisans weave intricate patterns and designs using this yarn, making the sarees highly sophisticated and prestigious to own.

Khadi Tussar Silk

Tussar silk from the Antheraea is most prominent in Bhagalpur of Bihar. The yarn is rich in its natural gold color and texture, thus making it a deluxe fabric. Sarees have woven into intricate designs and display the effort and intelligence gone into its creation.

Khadi Pattu Silk

A quintessential in every south Indian home, pattu silk sarees are highly lustrous and extravagant. The yarn is pure mulberry silk and has woven together with gold-coated silver zari.

The designs are a labyrinthine of gold and one or two other colors. While some manufacturers have shifted to artificial or poly-silk threads, nothing beats the pure Khadi pattu saree’s drape.

Khadi Printed Sarees

When a single-colored Khadi saree has printed with different colored designs and styles. Then; it results in a crisp-looking garment that every woman’s envy. Printing allows the manufacturers to play with colors, patterns, and techniques that hand-weaving does not.

It also makes the saree easy as they have relatively low-priced compared to all the other varieties mentioned above. So; the prints can vary from traditional block print, kalamkari, batik, or even patola, to more contemporary foil prints and 3D prints.

The patterns can vary from flowers, animals, nature, to geometric, abstract, and figures. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to printed Khadi sarees. Paired with a contrasting blouse and simple jewelry will imbue modern elegance.

Khadi, in India, has been a symbol of freedom, self-reliance, and non-violence. When Gandhi first started the freedom struggle, one of his strategies was to boycott foreign cloth.

This resulted in the Khadi movement that was an integral part of India’s freedom struggle. People in these times use the fabric as a symbol of democracy, sustenance, and high fashion.

The material has used to make several clothing items, but sarees are what do justice to it. They give it grace and refinement that it deserves. Khadi sarees online are the easiest way for you to lay your hands on this tasteful garment.

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