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Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide to Lose Weight Without Avoiding Junk

Let’s figure out how can the intake of fats included in the diet plan helps in quick weight loss. As you all must be aware of Metabolism is a complex chemical reaction involved in the conversion of food into a rich source of energy. It breakdowns the carbs that we intake with food, into energy for body’s proper functioning. Although metabolism converts carbs into energy, it doesn’t breakdown the fats. And the fats left behind get attached to our body muscles and cause obesity.

Anyhow, there’s another type of metabolism that is characterized by the intake, and conversion of more fats rather than carbs. The type of metabolism which breakdowns the fats for energy is known as Ketosis. Evidently, ketosis is efficient in helping our body lose weight quickly.

Although, our body isn’t conditioned to undergo ketosis and convert fats into energy. So, you need to follow a proper ketogenic diet that will stimulate your body to convert fats into energy and lose weight.

There are also some supplements available in the market that can stimulate your body to undergo ketosis and start burning fats and let your body lose weight quickly. However, the natural way to stimulate ketosis and burn the fats is to induce Ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet: Lose Weight By Consuming Healthy Fats

Ketogenic Diet refers to the intake of high-fat, and low-carb food contrary to other diets. While on the ketogenic diet, you can lose weight even without avoiding junk and following any hectic diet plans.

Let me tell you one more thing, fats proves to be the more ideal and enriched source of energy. The energy released from fats breakdown efficiently enhances mental health, and make us more active.

Ketogenic Foods

  • Dairy Products
  • Low Carb Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Spices
  • Sugar-free desserts/drinks
  • Dark Chocolate

To stimulate ketosis, you need to add healthy fats into your diet and avoid carb-rich foods. Consequently, while on the ketogenic diet, you will have to keep on the intake of healthy fat-fetching foods to provide your body q sufficient amount of fats to extract energy from them. Moreover, keep your body ful of water, and hydrated.

Foods Not to Add in Ketogenic Diet

  • Sugar enriched foods (desserts or drinks)
  • Whole grains (rice, wheat, pasta etc)
  • Fruits
  • Legumes
  • Low-fat foods
  • Alcoholic Drinks

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

This exceptional diet can efficiently stimulate ketosis and your body will become an automatic fat remover/burner machine. Gradually, you will notice a change in your body as it will start losing weight.

Moreover, the Ketogenic diet was basically introduced to treat neurological (brain) diseases. So, it also hinders the growth of many diseases, and let your body fight with the invaders, more efficiently. Along with brain diseases or injuries it can treat cardiac diseases, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and acne.

Who can not do Ketogenic Diet?

Anyhow, a ketogenic diet not recommended for everyone and especially not for athletes. In case, you are highly overweight, fatty and chubby enough and unable to lose weight by any possible remedy, supplement or exercise, then you will try this exceptional diet.


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