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Keto Diet: How Does It Help To Improve Your Dental Health?

One out of every 2 people above 30 had some kind of dental problem, keto diet many of them are suffering from periodontal diseases, and other serious gum issues. To fight gum diseases, you have to maintain proper dental hygiene and dentist visits.

However, only brushing, flossing, and dental visit is not enough. Sometimes, you have to consider proper food habits. Thus, many dentists suggest changing the diet to get a quick cure from a gum problem. You can also treat your common dental problems by visiting your dentist. Your dentist can guide you on whether or not you need to shift to a keto diet.

It has been seen that the Keto diet performs very well when it comes to reducing gum diseases in patients.

However, you should be very careful that the diet shouldn’t impact your overall weight. Because to maintain mouth health, you should intake healthy food as well.

Keto diet for oral health: What does it mean?

Many researchers have discovered that a low carb diet or low sugar diet maintains proper mouth health. How? Low carb and low sugar diet increase ketosis that prevents the tartar from building up in the gum line. The ketosis also lowers the chances of getting cavities and other gum diseases to occur.

The effects of ketosis on your oral health

You need to increase the production of ketones by consuming low carb and low sugar diet to minimize the periodontal diseases.

Remember, carbohydrates increase the bacteria growth in the mouth and produce acid and build plaque that becomes harder and form tartar in your gum line. If you continue intaking high sugar and carb enriched food and avoid caring for your mouth health, then very soon you will get tooth decay and other gum diseases. Once the acid erosion decreases in your mouth, you can have a good gum line, clean mouth, and fresh breath.

The effects of ketosis diet on your breath

When you start consuming less carb and sugar and replace it with healthy fats and proteins, then it also helps to avoid gum problems. Avoiding processed sugar can also help to reduce inflammation. Also, it is recommended to intake omega-3 fatty acid-enriched food to avoid gingivitis and inflammation.

However, consuming a keto diet can give you a certain and different kind of breath, which is known as keto breath.

So, you may need to freshen up our breath to avoid the keto breath.

Here’s how:
  • Keep sugar-free gum and chew a few times. It will help to produce saliva that helps to freshen your breath.
  • Intake more leafy green vegetables and whole grains and other complex carbohydrates.
  • Sit water throughout the day.
  • Make sure you brush and floss twice a day.
  • Intake herbal tea and herbs infused water.
  • Keep clove, cinnamon, mint in your mouth for fresh breath.

The effects of ketosis diet on your overall health

Shifting to a ketogenic diet can improve your overall health that includes, healthy brain, proper weight, and maintain proper blood sugar level.

How to maintain ketosis diet

If you want to get rid of your gum problem, then stick to your ketosis diet. However, maintaining a ketosis diet is not easy.

Follow these tips to stick to your keto diet.

  • Stick to a high-fat, medium protein, and low-carb diet.
  • Intake healthy fay, fatty proteins.
  • They Eat cheeses, nuts, and seeds.
  • Eat non-starchy veggies
  • Eat a small fruit every day.


It will take time to get used to this lifestyle but, definitely, it is worth the shift.

How to manage the keto level

A keto diet can be beneficial only when you follow it properly and manage the perfect kero level. Thus, before you start a keto diet for your oral health, you should consult a professional.

According to the keto diet specialist, one should start with nutritional ketosis at 0.5 millimoles per liter at the beginning. There are many keto level monitoring tools available online. You can get a proper level from these tools. However, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

The advantage of following a keto diet for overall health

If you eat high carb enriched food, the residue of the food can promote characteristics that allow the acid formation and fermentation in the mouth. This will further promote bacterial plaque in the mouth and biofilm: implantation, colonization, metabolic activity, and thickness in the mouth. A keto diet can avoid all these risks and improves your gum health. You can enjoy healthy gum and good dental health.

The disadvantage of following the keto diet for mouth health

Restricting carb and sugar enriched food can have a negative impact on your mouth health. It produces foul breath and keto breath. However, this can be prevented by properly. I have given some tips earlier to prevent keto breath. You can also visit your dentist about it. Your dentist can easily understand the keto breath and give your proper instructions to avoid this.

Eating habits impact our oral health. So, you have to maintain a proper diet to get good mouth health. Keto diets have high nutrients and vitamins that provide building blocks for remineralizing teeth. So, you can always say “hello” to a keto diet for better dental health. However, you should consult our dentist before making any decision.

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