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Keeping Kids Safe Online 4 Tips from Tech Experts

Keeping Kids Safe Online: 4 Tips from Tech Experts

Are your children aware of the negative side of the internet? Have you ever thought to share these details with them? No? Well, you’re not the only one. According to the latest survey, more than half of the parents don’t talk to their children on online safety. You also have to remember that not talking on these issues will not going to make the dangers go away. So, please talk to your child because there are a lot of bad things out there. And your kids will find them, either by chance or on purpose.

To make children safer on the internet, we share four simple precautions that can be helpful to you!

Dialogue first: talk to your child kids:

The first step in keeping your child safe on the internet is the dialogue between parents and children. In order to better connect with the kids, it is essential that parents know what they are doing on the internet and outside it too. An important tip is to find out which YouTube users your child likes the most, as well as hobbies, musical tastes, and which series and programs the child likes to watch. Be sure to spend time with your child and try to be always aware of their activities.

Discipline: Set time Limits kids:

It is important to define the time when children and teenagers can stay connected with the internet. According to the experts for children between 7 to 14 years of age, the idea is to limit the time of exposure to the media to a maximum of 5 hours per day (including a computer, cell phone, tablets, and television). For teenagers, it is necessary to keep an eye on them. And not leave them isolated in their rooms. Allow them to exceed their healthy hours of sleep to stay on the internet.

Be a Partner: surf together with the child:

It is very important. So, be on the same social networks as them. Get to know the channels that the kids watch, and take some time out of your day to access the web with the children. Let your children know about the bright side of the online world. Experts say that the locked room is one of the greatest dangers of today since on the web the teenager can have access to inappropriate and often dangerous content.

Technology to your advantage: Use Parental Controls:

To help parents better organize their children’s digital routine on cell phones, an alternative is to bet on parental control apps. This allows parents to block their children’s access to some mobile apps and even any, which are harmful. Another tool that helps a lot is “Screen Time”, which allows parents to determine how long they want their children to stay connected throughout the week – in a personalized way. Many famous tech innovators like Vancouver’s Thierry Levasseur are working in this field to improve its security and functionality. Tech innovator and entrepreneur Thierry LeVasseur suggests taking a look at the privacy settings on each app your child has downloaded.

With technology, it is possible to have access to a report. That informs you of the time the child spent on YouTube and other social networks. Besides, you can take the help of social media to let your children know the dark side of the web.

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