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Joe Jones praises his wife Sophie Turner for handling the baby like a Pro

The gorgeous actress Sophie Turner, who was grown up on the sets of “Game of Thrones” while enjoying the beauty of nature. She had some self-confidence problems and handled the public scrutiny consistently.

Sophie Turner, when turned 24, meet the Hollywood American singer named Joe Jonas. After meeting him, her life totally changed. She inspired me to love and like herself more. Joe proved to be the voice for other women as well who were facing a similar problem like Sophie and helped them to love themselves. He was feeling proud of Sophie as she was also encouraging the people towards life. Joe said; “adding more to this, the singer said; “I think the best thing about it is she can encourage other young people out there who are going through similar stuff and be a voice that they can listen to and I am proud of her.”

After proper understanding and courting for about 12 months, the duo was engaged and then tied their knot on 1st May 2019 in Las Vegas at Elvis Presley impersonator. The couple celebrated their first and unforgettable wedding anniversary in the South of France and then took over to the Maldives for their sweet honeymoon trip.

Sophie Suffered from Depression:

Sophie diagnosed with depression by Dr. Phil McGraw’s podcast, at the end of April. She revealed that she suffered from depression for about five to six years from now. Forever, Sophie said; “It’s weird. I say I wasn’t very depressed when I was younger, but I used to think about suicide a lot when I was younger,’ she said that it’s a lot and it was a weird fascination she had and she uses to think about that and she never thought she’s gone through it.”

Sophie Turner Game of Thrones

Sophie and Joe Married in Front of Elvis impersonator:

The ‘Game of Thrones actress and the singer were planning their wedding. Then in a video, shared by DJ Diplo on his Instagram story, the popular actress and Jonas Brothers singer went to the chapel and performed their marriage there. They became husband and wife in front of an Elvis impersonator. Sharing a video, he said; “Gonna hit up this wedding real quick. ”The beautiful actress can see while walking into her new room. She was wearing a white dress full of flowers with a veil and was carrying a cute and pretty bouquet of flowers in her hands. The 26-year-old groom was looking unbelievably handsome in a suit, at the venue along with his brothers Kevin and Nick. Dan and Shay performed their sizzling and acoustic song on the event in the background which added more charm and glam to the wedding and everyone was loving the duo performance.

Diplo recorded the whole wedding event of Joe and Sophie and showed it on his Instagram Live. In the video, the star was seen saying; “ I thee wed.. and I love you.. and I thank God that He gave me .” These words are loved and remembered by their fans all over the world. The duo promised to each other at their wedding that they will never leave each other in any situation and never their love and trust in all of the life towards each other. Elvis said to the singer; ” You may kiss the bride.” and other guests including Khalid and Diplo started cheering and they both kissed each other.

Couple Expecting their First Baby: 

In February, it speculated that the couple might expect their first baby as Joe saw with a baby bump on a walk. But they both didn’t confirm the news as they choose to keep their personal life private. Joe was taking care of and praising his wife for handling the pregnancy in such a good way. He proved to be a perfect husband as he bought a few pastries for his wife on Sunday. He saw a pastries box in his hand while returning from his home gym. Workouts have become so important for celebs especially during pregnancy and mostly after. Getting rid of the baby’s weight is crucial and rowing machines really do help. They have stolen the limelight in the last few years. If you want one of your own for your home gym check out Ergatta. The singer was wearing a red T-shirt and matching shorts. He gifted the delicious pastries to his lovely pregnant wife Sophie.

Joe and Sophie, somehow, confirmed the news and revealed that they expect their first child. They seen so excited about the fact. Their first baby girl arrived in the world on 22 July 2020, with a cute name Willa.

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