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Jack Pullen – How an 11-years old became a international Motocross-youngster

With over 39 thousand followers, Jack is probably one of the youngest influencers on the planet. Even though Jack is only 11 years old, he has probably achieved a lot more than most people at the age of  50. At the age of 7, Jack devoted to his passion for motocrossing. In the same year he was chosen to represent his native country South Africa at the African Nations event. He also won the Provincial Colours and National Colours awards. This was one of the most emotional moments of his career, Jack tells us with a smile on his face.

But how did it all start?  At first, Jack had a life like any other child.  His dad introduced him to the world of sports at an early age.  Already at a young age, he loved the sounds of motocross racing.  Even then, Jack knew what his passion was.  He wanted to dedicate himself to the racing world.

For Jack, it was never a problem to give up things like going to the cinema or children’s birthdays. He still works out 5 to 6 times a week. A training session with him usually lasts about 3 hours. Besides that, he still goes to school and trains in the gym to stay fit.

His condition is the key to his success, he tells us. He doesn’t just mean physical condition. Especially in motocrossing it is important to be mentally fit. His mental strength was put to the test last year.

Last year Jack had to deal with one of his most serious injuries. Due to an accident, he had to stay in hospital for several weeks and even had to undergo a surgery. It was those moments when he kept asking himself if it was all worth it.

His answer was clearly “Yes. ” He had always promised himself that he would never give up just because he is facing some obstacles. This mindset helped him to be on the road a month later.

Jack returned to his training and won his first award in the US the same year. This was a very special moment for him. This experience spurred him to continue his career in the US. Jack has been sponsored for years by popular international brands such as Twin Air, ProTaper, Arma Sport, EVS Sport, OGIO, FMF and Matrix Concepts.

Jack was also supported by his parents even if his path did not match that of the typical 11-year-old. The motocross-youngster has a clear vision for his future.

He wants to move to Florida as early as possible this year. His aim is to dedicate himself fully to his passion for motorossing. For him, this also means taking part in more international events.

We are looking forward to seeing how Jack will surprise us in the future!

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