Ivanka Melania Trump nicknames for “the princess” “the portrait”


It is heard that Melania Trump is calling Ivanka TrumpThe princess. It is a wow tag indeed. it was also heard that Melania was called  “The Portrait” by Ivanka Trump. These are the trendier new names for the ladies. All and sundry are discussing it nowadays. so, let us see what is special about it!

The two are concerned with the affairs of cheap points in notice nowadays which is serious on behalf of the state. People are now taking notice of the points going on in the media. It is better to be alert but they don’t care indeed.

Ivanka and Melania mystery

It is the latest elaborate about the ladies now. The trump wife and daughter are calling one another the trendy names. Ivanka and Melania clashed over one another in the renaming of the white house. The huge name which was a new one is cool. Now, Ivanka and Melania are the potential to have the new name called “first family office”.

It seems that the story is flowing in controversial patterns nowadays. it is ideal to manage the situation in a proper manner which sounds difficult. Their relationship ihas strained so many times. Trump is the president but still, the ladies are not serious in affairs. Nothing is bad in giving nicknames but they need not be public probably.

Ivanka is the potential to enjoy the new and modern home theater when Melania is away. People are also gossiping about the lady that she is treating it in such a way that it is her personal property. Probably there is some disliking about her.

Various people have various opinions about them. still, there is room for better opinions. It is their personal life and they may spend life as they want. It is not a bad idea to have the life of your choice. But it seems that they are the highlighted figure this is why they are not paying attention to the gross points. They are taking it very very easy here.

A variety of discussions is going on about the ladies. It seems that they are not worried about their image in society this is why there is less response to the gossiped news. Surprisingly they don’t care about stupid and silly news.

In some biographies, Melania calls “Free Melania”. They also call “Cordial but not close” tags about their relationship. Melania seems a non-serious person. There are huge stories about her. Once she was wearing a strange jacket, That had writing on the back of the jacket “I really don’t care! Do you?”.

It seems that at times, media is not fair to talk more about their personal affairs. This is not a good idea to poke a nose into someones’ personal affairs. It might be their style and they intend to do. It is their matter this is why the media needs not to focus on it.