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It is useless to fail the PMP exam. The pass rate is Essential.

PMP: Project Management Professional Qualification. It is an industry-standard project management qualification examination sponsored by Project Management Institute (PMI). At present, more than 190 countries and regions around the world have set up certificated testing institutions. In recent years, obtaining a PMP certificate has become the entry threshold for project management practitioners. Generally, in the requirements of recruiting project managers, it will be stated that “the holder of PMP certificate is preferred”.

There is no passing score for the PMP exam. Through the assessment of the examinee’s grasp of the knowledge points of the five process groups, PMP gives the results of whether to pass the test to measure the examinee’s quality of grasping of the PMP knowledge. After balancing the number of PMP personnel, typically, the global PMP pass rate is around 30%.

Participating in PMP training, we all hope to pass the exam economically and learn project management knowledge at the same time. So, let the author combine these two aspects and talk about some personal views.

The most important thing is to pass the PMP at one time.

For any exam, passing at one time must be the most affordable, economic situation. Take the PMP exam, for example, the cost is divided into two parts. Exam fee: about USD 500 (the cost is different between direct registration and membership registration); Training fee: about USD 550. If you fail the exam, even if you can freely training again, there is also an expense of USD 380 meaning the cost increases linearly.

In addition, from the perspective of time cost, the more times you take the examination, the more time the study takes, and the hidden cost increases. Based on 80 hours of study time for an exam and USD 8.2 per hour, an exam cycle needs time to cost about USD 660.

The cost of passing the PMP at one time: USD 500+USD 550+USD 660=USD 1710

The minimal cost of passing the PMP at the second time: USD1710+USD 380+USD 660=USD 2750

For those who pass the PMP exam at one time, they can use the 80 hours to do a part time jobs, the difference between them is USD 2750-(USD 1710-USD 660)=USD 1700, and the higher the time cost is, the greater the difference is. And that doesn’t take into account the opportunity cost of passing the exam three months earlier.

How to make sure you can pass the PMP exam at one time?

  • Choose teachers who can combine theory with practice and can teach the class vividly.

What kinds of teachers determine which level you can reach. Teachers’ focus on pure theories are not recommended. Their courses are not easy to understand, especially the knowledge points of PMP are very profound; Teachers’ focus on pure practical is not recommended either. It is good to listen to the conclusions of practice sometimes, however, many of them are contrary to the knowledge points of PMP and are not helpful for passing the exam.

In addition, I was wondering that how many people are the same as the author. If the teacher does not focus on the lecture, the content is not vivid, the language is not humorous and the body is not exaggerated, it is easy to fall asleep in class? Therefore, it is important to choose the right teacher. It is suggested that before the formal training, pre-listen to the course, and estimate the teacher, which can make your exam pass rate increases by 20%.

  • Appropriate curriculum and teaching material that fit the aim to pass the exam.

The most real feeling of candidates who have taken the PMP test must be: What is the relationship between PMP test and PMBOK? One is case-oriented and the other one is theoretical. Yeah, that’s the special point of PMP exam. This is also why it is difficult to pass the PMP exam without training. Therefore, the appropriate curriculum and teaching materials are very important. For example, the author participated in the SPOTO training, which has original creation of their own textbooks, arranges the courses combining with the actual exam curriculum, and is supplemented by PMBOK content for enrichment and expansion. Through the extension of the teacher’s case in class, the knowledge points will be digested in class, which will make your pass rate of the exam increase by another 20%.

  • The question bank is of high quality and efficiently finishing the question can ensure the pass of the examination

For the PMP exam, the amounts of questions are insignificant, quality and efficiency are essential. For example, some PMP topics are theoretical questions that need you to pay attention to memory, so it is best to learn the corresponding units well and do the questions to consolidate the knowledge points. However, some PMP questions often require 3 or 4 knowledge points in multiple chapters to be fully understood before they can be answered accurately. Therefore, it is more appropriate to complete the study of relevant units before answering them. And the impersonation of the title is even more important, it is said that SPOTO can reach 100%, which makes your pass rate soar by 80%.

  • Personalized services.

For example, if you are a “poor student”, encouragement and reminders are very important. You must need short messages of the learning results of the unit. Or, if you feel sleepy in class, you can drink a cup of coffee or eat a mint candy in break time, which can surely awake your brain. For another example, if you are a lazy person, the agency service of registration can help you save a lot of time, helping you concentrate on study, and the exam pass rate can increase by another 10%.

What if you fall behind by 2% to 10%?

With the suggestions mentioned above, you may not worry about falling behind. Of course, I can’t blame you. I know, you must be unable to attend class on time for a variety of reasons. There are a variety of reasons you cannot preview and review; There are a variety of reasons for not being able to take the exam. It doesn’t matter. There’s a killer trick that can help you.

The killer: exam material. SPOTO provides 100% authentic PMP study materials to help you pass the PMP exam at one time.

In fact, before I joined the PMP training of SPOTO, I did not know that it had so many advantages. Following a familiar friend’s recommendation, I just signed up for it. However, as a lazy person, it is the author’s fault that he did not know how to be grateful and share after taking part in the training and passing it smoothly. Of course, it was only after writing this article that I was surprised to find that SPOTO’s PMP pass rate reached a high point of 98%, which is surprising. I hope all my friends who are interested in the PMP exam can carefully consider and choose the right training institution to lay a solid foundation for their career in project management.

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