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Israel Figa Explains Effective Dental Care Remedies at Home

What to do

Toothache is one of those problems which is caused by several reasons. For instance, abscessed tooth, chewing gum or tobacco, tooth decay, infected gums, tooth fracture, etc. are all well-known reasons for a toothache. But the pain that is caused due to toothache is intense and unbearable. Due to this sharp and throbbing constant pain, a person can also develop a fever and/or severe headache. Furthermore, the opening the mouth also becomes difficult because the pain then travels to the ears as well.

Time to see a doctor

Normally the toothache lasts for a day or two but in case the pain continues then it is time that you should see a dentist because timely identification of the root cause and treatment of dental infection, if any, is necessary to prevent it from causing further damage to other teeth as well as your skull and face. It may also be noted that acute toothache could also directly affect your blood circulation.

Home Remedies against Toothache

But there are times when you suddenly start feeling toothache and you know that you will not be able to find any dentist at that time, then you should know what alternatives you have to ease up the pain or get instant relief. Israel Figa explains that first, you have to determine what is the root-cause giving you a toothache. Once you are able to find it, the next step is to apply some home remedies.

According to Israel Figa, the first thing you can do to stop the pain is to rinse your infected tooth with salt water. This is an old traditional home remedy that is very effective against minor irritation but even if there is no relief and you are feeling that rinsing saltwater is increasing the pain further, then of course you need proper intervention by a dentist.

However, there are a few home remedies that are in use by generations after generations for centuries and have found very effective against toothache. But in the words of Israel Figa even if you want to try any of them, you should first consult your dentist in case you are a breastfeeding mother or pregnant or have any other acute medical condition which can get further worst from the use of herbal ingredients.

According to Israel Figa, the following are home-based remedies to provide relief in case someone is having a toothache: –

Saltwater rinse

As explained above by Israel Figa, the first remedy you can apply is to get a glass full of water and put salt in it. This is the first-line treatment that has been found very effective against minor toothache because it has it is a natural disinfectant that cures infection promptly. Because there are sometimes debris and/or food particles that can stick between the space of two teeth, therefore, the saltwater normally works effectively against such a problem. Apart from that saltwater is also effective against the reduction of inflammation as well as oral wounds can also be healed through its use.

The recipe is quite simple. All you need is a glass of mild-warm water and add 2 teaspoons of salt to it. Start using the saltwater as if you are using mouthwash. You can also do gargle if you like.

Cold compress

The second most effective and easy home remedy for easing up toothache is the use of a cold compress. Cold compress application can constrict the blood vessels in the infected area or from where you are experiencing pain. According to Israel Figa, a cold compress is top of the line treatment to ease up pain instantly. It further reduces the swelling from the infected tooth as well.

Israel Figa suggests that both, saltwater rinse and the application of cold compress should be your first choice to treat toothache as there are no side effects of using them both. Cold compression can apply by using a towel and a bag of ice and then you need to wrap the ice bag in the towel and keep it holding against the infected area for 10 to 15 minutes. You can repeat this process after each hour or as you like. This will certainly ease up your pain in case there is no severity of the infection.


The next home remedy, which is most effective against toothache, is the use of garlic. It has scientifically proven that this herb called garlic has the best medicinal properties which cannot find in any other herb. For thousands of years, garlic is in use for several infections. It can easily eliminate harmful bacteria and common viruses which can result in dental plague and is a great source of easing up toothache. Interestingly garlic is available all four seasons and can find easily available in anyone’s house.

In order to treat the toothache, a person would require to first crush a piece of garlic or can grind a clove of it to make its paste. Once the paste is ready you can directly apply the paste onto the infected tooth or infected area. You can also chew a clove if you can bear the throbbing taste of it.

Peppermint tea bags

One of these days’ most commonly used home remedies to a numb toothache is the treatment through the use of Peppermint tea bags. For example, if someone has sensitive gums or that his gums have been swollen, then application peppermint tea bags could relieve pain and soothe swollen gums.

The application process is also very simple. You need a recently used peppermint bag which should neither be cold nor too much warm. The bag can put in the month against the infected tooth or area. Normally it takes 5 to 10 minutes and the pain can ease up instantly.

Another effective method of using the peppermint tea bag is that you can also apply it cold. What you need to do is to put the bag in the freezer for 10 minutes and then apply the cold bag on the infected area.

When to see your dentist

According to Israel Figa all the above are simple home based remedies which have been used for centuries and have been found very effective against minor and acute toothache conditions. However, in case you find the use of these remedies ineffective against toothache then this is the time when you should see your dentist. Timely determination of the problem and its treatment is essential to avoid any further damage.

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