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Is it worth it to hire in-town movers?

When you’re moving across town, or even just across the street, it can be well worth your money to hire professional movers. One happy mover recently moved to a new house that was barely five blocks from her apartment. She thought; she would have no problem simply boxing everything up and moving it over in her car. It was a lesson that she learned early on in the process.

Always opt for professional movers:

Local movers charge by the hour to pick up your belongings, load them onto the truck, and take them to your new home and unload them. Although it’s an hourly rate, they will provide you with an estimate up front. However; the estimate will include the number of hours they anticipate the move will take. Many people assume because the movers’ charge by the hour, they will drag out the time it takes to earn more. But in reality, they actually earn more by moving on to their next job quickly and charging upfront packing and moving fees there.

A quick and easy move:

The movers that she ended up hiring to complete her in-town move were professionals. Who had her apartment packed onto a moving truck and at her new home in just three hours. She had already spent the better part of a week taking only her kitchen and bathroom items to her home. Still; she had not begun the packing of her bedroom closet. The stress was completely gone, and within a three-hour window, she was now free to unpack and organize her new home and return her apartment keys to the property manager.

Was it worth it?

The hourly rate she paid to the movers was small potatoes when you consider she had spent nearly 30 hours of her time to pack and move less than half of her apartment to her new home. She commented that she will never move without hiring professional movers in the future. Not only was it worth the price she paid to have her free time, it made moving into her new home enjoyable. When you hire movers, you’re paying for much more than a moving service. You’re paying to have the stress of the move alleviated.

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