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Inspiring the world with his swift moves as a Swiss pro basketball player is Kaanu Olaniyi.

Inspiring the world with his swift moves as a Swiss pro basketball player is Kaanu Olaniyi.

Olaniyi, as a Swiss basketball player has made headlines making NBA Draft 2020. Only having the aim to make it huge in any industry sometimes is not enough for walking the path to success; it requires relentless efforts and the attitude to improve upon one’s skills that help an individual to get themselves nearer to their objectives and goals in life. One such youngster from Switzerland, who kept putting in his 100% in his training and improves his skills as a pro basketball player is Keanu Olaniyi, a power forward/center, who is all set to thrill the NBA for the upcoming season, making the Draft 2020.

The talented 22-year-old youngster is a six-foot-eight power forward/center who proudly represents his team BC Boncourt in Switzerland – LNA. His journey in the world of basketball started much early when he was only 16 years of age. He made the shift from Switzerland to France to get trained in the youth movement of ES Chalon, the first division club, and played for Chalon U21. Joining BC Boncourt Red Team, the Swiss Basketball League team for the 17/18 season, he remained in the SBL and switched between Union Neuchatel and BC Boncourt Red Team all through the three seasons.

In 2017, under the guidance of coach Gianluca BARILARI, Olaniyi also represented the Swiss Basketball team. At only 22, this youngster has today made a mark in the Swiss Basketball League and shows the potential to become the biggest name in the world of basketball with his debut in the NBA.

NBA is a dream that every basketball player has, to make it in the same, and climb the ladder to success, inspiring the world. Every basketball player wishes to wear that jersey of any of the teams of the NBA and imprint their names on the celebrated list of basketball players in the world. The NBA draft is one of the most anticipated lists and something that gives a platform to many talented players worldwide. Different teams from the prestigious league pick up new talents to represent their teams in the league and Olaniyi has become the recent youngster to make the NBA Draft 2020.

Olaniyi is ready to take the sporting world by storm as he becomes the new entrant in the NBA and is all set to inspire many other basketball talents like him in the world.

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