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Ox Worldwide Review industrial Heavy lifting equipment

Ox Worldwide is a strong Group with many years of experience that can give you worldwide arrangements of hard work hardware and apparatus movers utilized for substantial loads. Together we make arrangements!

They guarantee that to give the best arrangements and quality administrations, it is the base of a drawn-out responsibility and very much kept up.

Uprightness, trust and duty are the significant expense and vital components to building up close and durables work relations.!

Self-propelled trolley and Motorized trolley

The ideal answer for the relocation, drag and transport of loads.

The Self-propelled trolley have a huge load capacity from 30 to 200 Tons and extremely low tallness (260 mm up to 450 mm), with the chance of making total turns of 360º intended to put them under a component and relocation, you can likewise utilize engine driven trolleys models with water driven lifting chamber to load in vehicles or racks.

Mechanized trolleys comprise of two sections: a farm haulier and back trucks that play out a capacity like that of the back pivot of a truck.

In Ox Worldwide from everywhere throughout the world, we have a wide range of self-propelled trolley to illuminate all the necessities of removal of substantial loads. We can isolate them into two essential classes: electric and pressure-driven.

The trolleys are intended to work with three-stage fueled; plus, we structure additionally trolleys with lifting pressure-driven cylinder.


– Great maneuverability in little spaces.

– Suitable for unpleasant, dusty, and lopsided surfaces.

– Remote control consolidated. Simple and instinctive to drive.

– Reduced and monetary upkeep.


OX-ST: Three-stage flexibly trolley.

OX-TBC: Three-stage flexibly, battery (1,5 hours autonomy), and load lifting cylinder trolley.

The Ox Worldwide staff can provide you encouragement so as to pick the best possible trolley as per your requirements.

Modular spreader beam

Lifting large loads by light altered measured frameworks

Ox Worldwide offers you a total measurement range of spreader beams that permit you to gather one or numerous spreader beams from 1 to 34 meters with a capacity of 2 to 1350 tons of load.

*–Available in stock as much as 170 tons available to be purchased and rented.

They at present have the models with the most all-out capacity and more length in the European market! (declaration by DNV)

They are authorized by the DNV Certificate and the FEM-AEM. We likewise have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3834-2. This is our promise to the most excellent guidelines And security, one of our basic beliefs.


– The Spreader beams is planned and made as per current standards.

– Reduced size and weight, which facilitates and decreases transportation, stockpiling, and establishment costs.

– Easy and quick get together, adhering to the means on the directions manual. Yearly checking is required.

– Cheap item replaces an entire range of spreaders and beams.

– It is a particular framework, you simply need to include or expel them so as to have another spreader beam changed in accordance with your requirements for any lifting work.

– Completely watertight terminals: This keeps away from any spillage of dampness that creates erosion, perfect for the Maritime, Oil and Gas, Offshore division.

– For a lifting of different dock focuses you can consolidate spreader beams vertically.

– All models are conveyed with shackles.

As you can check from the models to your right side, we have a wide range of hues that characterize every single capacity of our spreader beams.

On the off chance that your lifting execution requires progressively explicit information, get in touch with us and we will give you the information of the most recent range of the Spreader Beam.

We have separated the Spreader beam with a signboard as indicated by the load capacity and lengths.

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