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Indigo Suave: The Next Upcoming Visual & Creative Director

Michael Osei-Wusu, known as Indigo Suave is a film director & visual artist. His passion for film and visuals developed at a young age.

“I remember printing monologues from my favorite movies and trying to act them out” he recalled his love for creating visuals started at a young age where he always loved movies. His love for music grew more in high school, where he attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville. He excelled academically and athletically committed to play soccer at Princeton University in 2016.

Indigo Suave’s name came from a book that he always read in his high school English class where he fell in love with Holden, the main character, and his constant usage of the name ‘suave’. He frequently found himself using the name Suave, even in his social media accounts.

“When I started getting in visual arts and filmmaking I was telling my good friend Sinmi all the ideas and dreams that I had for it and he called me an indigo child,” Suave said.

Everyone is Unique:

After checking the name indigo child as his friend had recommended. He had a moment where he believed he was exceptional. As a matter of fact, everyone is unique in his or her way, and that’s how Indigo Suave became.

Suave later founded ASUAVEPRODUCTION in the year 2018. During this period, he had to juggle it with attending school, majoring in visual art, and still playing soccer at Princeton.  After an interview question about how he become able to cope with all that. This is what he had to say, “It’s not as bad as you think. My classes aren’t as highly stressed because my major is Visual Arts & Film. So there is a lot of freedom that I have that is really rare at Princeton. And soccer has been part of my life; since I was out of the womb. So; I’ve always made time to set aside for practice and games. But as time passes you really start to recognize how discipline is essential. It’s the only thing we can control”. With such a mindset, one can understand that life is a matter of balance, and with such abilities, you will excel.

The First Official Visual Project, Alchemy:

Suave’s first official visual project, Alchemy, produced and filmed overseas in Iceland. This was his first collaboration with artist Lulu. The music visuals were breathtaking, and the music video depicted the beauty of the song. The second video was the song Starcaster which produced and filmed in Philadelphia. Once again, his work was excellent. It was a dream-like performance from “orisha” that the band brings the song to life.

The third production was Farewell, which released by the collaborators. The shooting took place in a suburban town. The song’s lyrics highlight the closeness we can engage in relationships.

“The pictures and the song should tell the same story, that’s the crux of how we create here|” Indigo Suave expressed.

Suave plans to expand the production company into a conglomerate of visual projects such as tv shows, short films, movies, and photography. His first short film is underway and is going to release by summer 2022. We should watch out for what ASUAVEPRODUCTION and Indigo have in store for us.

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