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Important things to consider when naming your LLC

When choosing your brand or LLC name, you need to consider a few things that are not only important but also necessary. Even though it may seem like it is easy to come up with a name, it is actually not. It can take a while until you get that invisible light bulb switched on and you have inspiration for a name. Here are a few things to consider first before you make your final decision.



What’s in the name

You have to be aware that whatever name you come up with has to have either the abbreviation LLC or the long way of saying it, which is ‘limited liability company.’ According to site – “this is something that is necessary and cannot be avoided.” So when you do come up with your name, try to think if it sounds nice with an LLC or limited liability company title at the end of it.

What cannot be in the name

There are also certain things that cannot be included in your business or brand name. You cannot include any terms that are related to the federal or state government, nor can you include words that are associated with certain fields of practice such as attorney. However, if your business is specifically in that field and you need to include that word. Then you need to file out some extra paperwork and have someone in that field be a representative of the company. Your business name also cannot be related or similar to another existing business.

Where to get inspiration from 

If you are having trouble coming up with a name and you need help brainstorming, then you should use an LLC name generator. When using an LLC name generator. It can help you brainstorm 4-5 names and can even show you what it looks like visually. It is free and you can use it even if you do not have a business formed yet. 

Is it a brand name or a business name?

If you are just looking to create an extension to your business name, which would be a brand name, you would also need to file out a DBA. If you haven’t got a name at all for your company and it is just a business name you are looking to create, then you will need to stick to setting up an LLC. Also; if at a later date you choose to set up a brand name as a nickname for your business name, then you should file a DBA. Just bear in mind that DBAs have not been offered in South Carolina, New Mexico, and Kansas.

Important things to consider when naming your LLC

What else should I consider?

When coming up with a name for your business, you need to make sure that it is something memorable. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and ask yourself,. Would I want to do business with someone who has this name?’ When coming up with a name, you need to consider the fact that it has to give a good first impression and be visually attractive to the customer. If the name that you do choose is a long one, then try to find a nickname or abbreviation for the customer to use and remember. 

Our say

Getting an LLC can benefit your company and it can help your business stand out in the long run. Once you have an LLC, you are on the federal database and business database which can easily be searched.  Setting up an LLC is a very easy process and choosing a name is the second step within the process. The first is choosing which state you want to apply to. Having an LLC can help protect the reputation of your business. So; give you additional help. As well as keep your business finance and assets separate from your personal ones. An LLC is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. 

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