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Image specialist of Africa, GWEI NOEL YENGONG

Image specialist of Africa, GWEI NOEL YENGONG

Picture or image experts are the one transform the personality of the person into an improved and new version. It’s an art, and only blessed people can deal with it. They practically assess, improve, and overhaul their customer’s appearance, conduct and relational abilities to guarantee that the picture is in the reliable form with their own or expert objectives.

Today, we are going to discuss a person who is not only an image expert but also a style icon who combines the culture of Europe and Africa together and presents as the latest fashion.

combine the culture of Europe and Africa
combine the culture of Europe and Africa


Manlikeclix with the real name, GWEI NOEL YENGONG, is one of these notable people who has taken an additional mile to style individuals and give them a character. GWEI NOEL YENGONG who’s known by the media name Manlikeclix is a Cameroonian situated in Europe who has imaged as one of the most notable picture experts in Africa and the world on the loose.

He turned out to be more acclaimed with his enthusiastic contribution to the style game. His proceeds with battle have finished him in being a notable picture specialist and going to speak to Afro combination in the following Milan style week.

His lifestyle and work:

Milan style week isn’t the first occasion when he is being a piece of this incredible style occasion. Manlikeclix likewise indicated to as Gwei Noel Yengong highlighted on the and Esquire Magazine in June 2019 in the wake of going to the last scene of this occasion as having probably the best look. He is very one of a kind with his afro combination clothing standard, which is an uncommon blend.

Media appearance:

Manlikeclix likewise called GWEI NOEL YENGONG additionally highlighted on the “London Daily post ” Newspaper late April this 2020 as a symbol styler to famous people such the incredible 2Baba or 2Face of Nigeria. He has shown up in music recordings in his nation( Cameroon), and we can say with certitude that he is the best picture specialist in his nation (Cameroon) and one of generally notable in Africa on the loose.

A gossipy tidbit additionally has it that, Manlikeclix is the inventive head of Alessandro Veneto garments. Fingers are kept crossed as the full form of these garments merchandise is yet to be unveiled.

YouTube channel:

He additionally made a YouTube channel called *Style Plug* to class individuals more about design, style, and picture consultancy. What’s more extraordinary about Gwei Noel Yengong is his capacity to style you and give you a character.


@Manlikeclix, the fans of the amazing person and undoubtedly, he is an expert in his work. You can watch his picture on his Instagram and for further details; you can also visit his Facebook account. Don’t miss the event named Milan design week at the location of Italy that organized in September or maybe October.

Moreover, you can get all the notification of his work and current events. So, keep following him and enjoy all his public appearances.


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