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If An Employee Sues You – This Is How They Will Do It

As an employer, everyone understands the kind of pressure that you are under to make your business enterprise work and you could be forgiven for not paying attention to certain aspects of your business.

The one thing that every business person will tell you is that your employees are your biggest asset and so, you need to be able to take care of them at all times. This is the one thing that you cannot ignore and this is the one thing that needs your full attention. The unfortunate thing is that many employers do not follow this sound advice and they often find themselves getting sued by their employees.

If you employ a large number of people, especially in the manufacturing industry, then there is a higher likelihood of staff turnover and disgruntled employees. This is why the manufacturing HR consultants UK or your country has are essential; when you are not paying attention, they certainly are. It will be their job to keep an eye on high levels of staff turnover so that you don’t find yourself being sued in the first place.

Having to go to court and defend yourself and your business can amount to a significant amount of money; this is why it is sometimes best to let an external HR support provider to interview and hire the right employees for you. The following are some of the situations that any employer can find themselves in and they are common mistakes that employers make that lead to employees using them.

Not Following Company Policies

Every business will have written guidelines and certain policies that need to be followed and employees are aware of them as well. Employees are very clued up when it comes to employment law and even though you might have the best policies currently available in your industry, if you don’t follow them, then this will lead to unhappy employees.

Discrimination Against Workers

It is totally illegal to discriminate against any of your workers and you should not be asking any questions in relation to race, gender, nationality, and religion. Going down this road will only lead to unfavorable outcomes for yourself as an employer. You will also put yourself at risk of being sued.

Inappropriate Discipline

If one of your employees does violate a workplace policy then it is up to their manager or supervisor to take the necessary disciplinary measures. Unfortunately, some managers take the worker’s actions personally and so they get involved emotionally in the disciplinary procedures. There is a procedure to be followed and the employee must also be able to provide their side of the story before any kind of discipline can take place.

Not Paying Your Employees –

It is important that you have the right payroll procedures in place because if employees do not get paid on time or in full, then they can get incredibly angry, and rightly so. They have bills to pay and they are relying on this money that they have worked hard for. Many employers also fail to pay their employees the overtime that they are due and some just expect people to work a little later for no compensation at all.

These are just four examples of situations where an employee may want to sue the employer, but there are numerous more. Try to stay ahead of everything and protect your employees because they are the reason that your business will be successful now and in the future.

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