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HUSTLE HARD: How Breakthrough Artist Vinnie Vidal is Changing Hip Hop

Since releasing his first single in February of this year, Vinnie Vidal has been on fire! He has since released 18 more singles, his most recent DISORDER will be released November 8, 2020, on all platforms.  Vinnie Vidal is making waves in the hip hop and rap genre with his unique sound and uncompromising integrity.   He has a dedication to the art of making music and inspires listeners with lyrics that motivate and uplift.

Vinnie Vidal, The Self Made Boss

Rising star, Vinnie Vidal, is gaining notoriety and recognition in the hip hop and rap genre for his singles that are bringing a fresh spin to the industry.  The renowned composer, producer, singer, and songwriter not only writes his own lyrics but custom makes all his beats showcasing his versatility.    Vidal has a custom and distinctive sound to his music.  He is being recognized for taking a modern Western, or mainstream, sound and infusing Eastern vibes while integrating jazzy instrumentals into rap.   His single, LAVISH, surprised listeners by featuring the saxophone in a hip hop song.

Vidal’s Early Years

Vinnie Vidal was born in Baghdad, Iraq.   His early childhood was not easy as it was not safe in his birth country with all the war going on.  His family was able to escape, temporarily residing in Turkey when he was 5.  After 3 years, they set up permanent residence in Canada.  When Vidal started elementary school he had to learn English, his fourth language.

Vidal instilled a strong work ethic as a child, spending hours in the family’s barbershop helping his dad.  He was able to finish high school early getting accepted into Marvel College becoming a licensed stylist and a few years later became a multiple award-winning Red Seal Cosmetologist. Although he still goes into the salon from time to time, keeping his skills on point, his main focus these days is music and his company.

The Calling to Music

Vidal first introduced to music at 8 yrs old when his mother purchased a keyboard for him.  He recalls spending hours in his room trying to play songs by ear. That was when the musician first really connected with the idea to able to replicate a tune. Also; to change it up, and add his own style and stamp. He was asked to play piano for the church at 14. Eventually directed the choir, composing his own songs for them.  That led to him founding his own company, Royal Play Records at 15.  As he continued to make his own beats from scratch and sell them he also explored writing the music, singing, and rapping which led to him developing a team within his label, Royal Play Records, whose mission is to consistently produce high-quality music.

Early Achievements

As Vidal states in his single “All I Do Is Win”, he is extremely success-driven and pursues greatness in all he does.  As a stylist and barber, he has won many awards and received accolades for his top notch work.  He is also a premier soccer player.  One of his greatest achievements, however, is after building a prestigious studio, at the age of 20, he ran out of the room so he bought a million-dollar house and flipped it into a studio!

Career Mistakes

Vidal never fails, the persistent artist uses those opportunities to learn and come back stronger than ever.  He talks of how after leaving the Live scene and moving to Record he didn’t understand about mixing & mastering so just recorded everything on top of each other and remembers how terrible it sounded!

He speaks of how as a  musical artist. Also; he had to learn the music you love to create might not get the best numbers, largest audience, and traction. While sometimes it’s the least favorite song that you’ve created that will explode.  He really learned how to read his audience and balance his creativity and voice with what the fans love to hear.

Diversity in the Industry

Vidal has a worldly view and believes that different ethnicities and cultures are what make life beautiful.  He focuses on this diversity in his music as not only does it then appeal to a larger audience but it creates a sense of unity and balance.

“Money Moves” – Vidal’s Mission

His mission is to produce music that brings self-awareness to the listener. While infused with positivity and the power to heal the mind.  Vidal’s compositions focus on high-quality classical mixes, rather than the traditional low frequency and destructive vibes.  Vidal believes in bringing trendy, entertaining music to the table without the profanity, sexual exploitation, violence, and social injustice currently portrayed in mainstream music and media.

Artist Vinnie Vidal

“Tunnel Vision” – Vidal’s Goals, Inspiration, and Views

Being mentored by some of the greatest in the industry Vidal has learned to take a bit of information from all sources because there is always something to be learned from everyone. He cautions about relying solely on one person for success saying “no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you.  You can’t rely on other people for confirmation or you are waiting for yourself up for failure.”

Being an independent artist, CEO of a company, and entrepreneur Vidal is extremely goal-oriented and focused.  He finds in this industry, and on social media,  people need to remain on their path, tuning out comparison and distractions.   Several of his singles talk about this,  “Tunnel Vision”  and “Hustle Hard” are all about success and the journey to achieve it.  Vidal leaves us with one of his favorite quotes “watch out for people that are always bragging about who they are, a lion will never have to tell me it’s a lion”.

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