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How to write a research proposal

Firstly, defining what a research proposal is? It is a word document in which you describe your research, explains why you have selected this topic, and state your hypothesis. Research proposals are the basis of a dissertation. You must have a convincing research proposal otherwise there will be no chance of your approval.

Many people don’t have an idea about how to write a research proposal and got rejected because of it. Rejection in student life makes them depressed and they felt more underconfident. Don’t panic. It isn’t a nightmare. Due to custom dissertation writing services all you need is to set your train on right track to get to your destination.

Here are some steps that will help you to write a research proposal.

  1. Have clear title

Having a clear and short title will make it easier for other people to read and understand it. Long sentences will make things complicated and your supervisor will not approve of it. The title should give the main idea of your study. It should be short, concise, and to the point.  Don’t write detailed explanations or add difficult vocabulary. Save these things to discuss later.

  1. Introduction

The next step is to write the introduction. This is something that you can’t mess up. Because if you don’t come up with a good introduction, you will not clear the points of your topic and research. Write in paragraphing style and cover everything about the topic.

You can write answers to some relevant questions like what the topic is? How it is related to your research? What are the aims of conducting this study? What the background information of a topic? Etc.

  1. Prospects of your research

Another step is to define what your research can offer. What mistakes students will make is that they will tell a broader scope of their research and hence lose their specificity. Try to narrow down things, and present them in an easier way to be comprehensible. Tell them what revolution your research will bring or what scope it has in the future.

  1. Literature review

The most difficult part of a research proposal is a literature review. It should not be in detailed as in the original dissertation rather it should be precise and explains how your research is valuable. Read available data on your topic and critically analyze it.

Find gaps in the research and proves from the facts that your research is clear and unique. Another thing you need to keep in mind is how previous studies help you to design your research. You need to emphasize these points to have a clear and meaningful literature review.

  1. Design methodology

This portion will explain how you are conducting your research. Define and elaborate your methodology in detail and answer the question of “HOW” in your research. Justify the reasons for the research methodology. Also, explain how it will help you to maximize the result. Explain what type of your data is, how will collect it, and what tool you will use for its analysis.

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