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How to Use TikTok to Market Your Brand

TikTok is the newest up and coming app. It already has 500 million active users after two years on the market. With such a huge audience, there is a great opportunity to tap into its customer base, especially if you are targeting younger generations. TikTok is most popular with young people so if your target market is older customers this app is not the promotional platform for your business. However, if the TikTok user demographics match those of your business, marketing on the app could be great for your business.

Get Involved With Trends

Most social media revolves around trends and TikTok is no different. Various elements of the 60-second videos can start trending. It could be that the use of certain background tracks, dances or jokes are popular. A trending element unique to TikTok is duets. This means taking a video someone else has created and adding to it. This is often done within the comedy niche. There are lots of different niches on TikTok including dancing, make-up and fitness to name a few. The video format means the app can be home to lots of different interests.

Find the trends related to your business niche and get involved to bring traction to your page. Trends have associated hashtags that are important to use when getting involved with your niche’s community. It allows your content to be categorised and found more easily. Once you have a level of success in views, likes and followers, you could start your own trend to spread your business message further.

Promotional Websites

It can take a long time to build followers even when posting trending content as lots of other people are posting that content too. Followers are really helpful in getting your content seen. When an account follows you, your posts will show up in their feed so they don’t have to search for your account to find out about updates. The more followers you have, the more views and likes, the more brand awareness you will achieve.

One way to build followers is through promotional sites. They organically find accounts to follow you, slowly but surely building your statistics. They will show you how to get natural followers on TikTok.You can begin with these services for free while avoiding bots and scams. To build your brand’s market on TikTok, you need to build the number of followers you have.


Another way to increase your reach is to work with influencers. Influencers have a large audience who they can show your brand to. Their followers will trust their recommendation as it is from someone they respect. As it can take time to build an audience online, working with influencers can be a quicker way to spread brand awareness.

You can encourage the influencers’ audience to interact with you and convert them into paying customers by giving the influencer a special discount they can share with their followers. When discovering a new business, people are more likely to buy from you if you give them a discount. It entices them to try your business out by investing less money than the standard price. Whether the audience of influencers turn into paying customers or not, the exposure in your community they provide will increase your brand awareness.

Paid Advertising

You can boost your account’s visibility by paying for advertising on TikTok. As most other social media platforms, TikTok provides in-feed ads. This means when someone is scrolling through the accounts they follow, your video ad will play. What makes TikTok so popular is the adaptable video format. You can create a very high-quality video that will capture the user’s attention and encourage them to click on the link connected to your ad, sending them to your website.

You can become further involved in TikTok’s popular functions by created branded hashtags. This will appeal to the TikTok audience as it prompts all users to get involved and interact. Hashtags are how trends spread so it is not an element that should be ruled out. Another creative and interactive marketing tool is to use branded effects. Just by using and enjoyed the effects, users can spread awareness of your brand. There are lots of advertising options with TikTok that can give you the leg up in marketing to their users.

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While TikTok is new to the social media game, it has attracted a large following. With the amount of interaction the app is receiving, it’s unlikely it will become untrendy anytime soon. Social media marketing has been very successful in other apps and with millions of users, there’s no reason why you should miss out on this opportunity to interact with potential customers. If you are targeting young people, you should occupy the online spaces they are using for the best results. Creating brand awareness of TikTok can be extremely beneficial.

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