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How to Shoot an AR 15: A Simple Guide

How to Shoot an AR 15: A Simple Guide

Guns can be quite intimidating if you’re a novice. This is especially the case if you’re working with weapons as heavy as the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

However, once you familiarize yourself with the weapon and learn how to shoot it, you’ll fall in love with it. Practice and precision make perfect when you’re working on your AR-15 technique.

The tips in this article will be an excellent starting point when you’re first learning how to shoot an AR 15 rifle.

Learn How to Shoot an AR 15 Correctly

Gun enthusiasts consistently make the AR-15 the most popular rifle in the country. It’s a reliable weapon that is easy to operate once you get the hang of it.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Learn the Parts of the AR-15 and to Respect the Weapon

Your first order of business is to learn firearm safety, which begins with a mentality and some simple rules. Always treat the gun as if it’s loaded, whether it is or not.

Don’t point the barrel at yourself or anyone else, and keep your finger off of the trigger well.

Once you’re comfortable with the rifle, learn all of its parts and test them out. Get familiar with parts like the muzzle, barrel, upper receiver, rail, and bolt carrier.

  1. Make Sure the Rifle You Have Suits Your Body and Capability

Get into your firing stance and test out whether the gun feels comfortable to you or not. If you can’t stand squarely, comfortably aim at your target, and fire the trigger, the rifle may be too big or too small for you.

Look into a variety of sizes and customization options.

  1. Take Your AR-15 to the Range to Practice Your Aim

The best way to learn how to shoot an AR-15 is to get as much practice as possible. When you first purchase your rifle, take it to the range three to five times per week to practice hitting targets.

Make sure your grasp on the rifle is firm but relaxed. Practice firing it from both standing and kneeling positions to get a feel for the recoil and what kind of correct has to go into your aim.

  1. Invest in a Sight and Any Other Add-Ons

Purchasing some add-ons is one of the best ways to learn how to shoot an AR. Some of the best add-ons for your rifle include scope sights and modified stocks and barrels.

Investing in a new sight with a clear target or an infrared dot will help you to perfect your aim until it feels natural. You can shop to purchase all of the AR-15 add-ons that you could ask for.

Practice Makes Perfect With Your AR-15

When you’re trying to learn how to shoot an AR 15, these tips will point you in the right direction. Get plenty of practice, and make sure you always have the best firearm and equipment for your price range.

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