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How to Sell Yourself as an Interim Manager

How to Sell Yourself as an Interim Manager

Are you a relatively new interim manager? If so, you might be trying to get to grips with this industry. Now that you’ve taken the leap into this world, it’s important that you know how to sell yourself. This is one of them is to be able to showcase your attributes to ensure you bag the best assignments.

So, what do you need to do to make that all-important impression in the interim management world? And what can you do to stand out to an interim recruiter? Here  some ways to help you get start.

Do your research

Before you do anything else, make sure you’ve read up on the essentials. Whether you’re a member or not, it’s worth taking a look at the latest news from the Institute of Interim Management so you can get a feel for what’s happening in the industry at the moment.

Also, it’s worth having conversations with interim management suppliers to find out what they expect from their candidates. This can give you an idea of what you can do to sell yourself.

Focus on your CV

Your CV key to whether you’re select for assignments and pick up by an interim recruiter. It’s even more important that your qualifications as it documents the progress you’ve made and the experience you have to reach this point.

It’s crucial that your CV is attention grabbing to prospective clients. It won’t be formatted in the same way as your CV would be for a permanent role. Instead, it will be tailored to the requirements set out by each client so that you can prove from the get-go that you have a track record of troubleshooting the issues that they need to fix in their company.

As you’ll be updating your CV to match the different roles you’re applying for, you’ll need to have several CVs at once. This is because some companies will want someone to come in and help with reorganising their management structure, while another might need an IM to oversee acquisitions. If you’ve got a track record in these areas, you’ll need to promote your skills in the role that they expect you to fulfil.

Set it out in a way that sells yourself. You need to tell them from the first sentence why you’re the person for the task at hand. For instance, in the first sentence, you would include a list of examples that support sell yourself experience in acquisitions, if that’s what the assignment you’re applying for requires.

Include as much results-focused content as possible, too. Prospective clients want to see that you’ve been successful in the past. If this is your first interim role, make sure your previous roles are outcome-focused so that it’s clear at a glance that you’ve been successful in the work you’ve done.

What are your skills and sell yourself?

If your CV is a winner, you’ll still need to have certain qualities to be a successful IM. These qualities will be cover in your CV. But you’ll really need to show that you have these when you meet prospective clients.

The key qualities that both IM recruiters and prospective clients are looking for include the ability to show some initiative . You’ll need to think on your feet and communicate what you’re doing in an efficient way. You can’t wait for direction as an interim manager but you’ll need to make sure you’re conveying your actions to the client – after all, you’re on their turf, so show respect for your colleagues, however temporary your role.

You’ll also need to be flexible, as changing plans quickly is part of this role. This goes together with being able to bring a fresh take to a company without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Once you’ve cracked these elements, you’re likely to become a desirable interim manager over time.

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