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How to Properly Care for Oak Dining Furniture

Dining furniture has been a crucial part of interior decoration for households since forever. Furniture’s make your house looks sleek and elegant and the right choice of furniture will bring out a different style altogether! There is no doubt that these specific pieces of furniture make sure that your house looks smart and tidy, that makes everyone go ‘wow’ at the first glance itself! Wood Furniture may come in different shapes and sizes and maintaining them is also really important. There are special kinds of wood furniture that require special attention and Oak furniture is one of them! Let us take a look at how to take care of oak wood furniture at home!

Care for it properly!

Oak is a type of hardwood that has been used to make furniture for years, and so naturally there are quite a few different ways through which you can take care of it. Let us take a look at some-

Oak Wood Need Care and Loving Maintenance:

Even the best quality of oak wood (such as the kiln dried oak) requires care and loving maintenance. The simplest way to do this is by using the top quality wax polish. What you can do is polish your dining furniture with wax polish at every 5-6 months interval. This will help in nourishing the wood. It also helps in creating a thin layer of seal that holds your furniture together! Make sure you test the wax polish you buy before you apply it on top to check how it looks and performs. Wax polishes protect the grains and makes it resistant to cracks, giving your dining table a defined and classy look for a lifetime! All you have to do is apply the wax polish all over the surface, leave it for five minutes and and remove it by slow buffing, all of it in the direction of the grain for the ultimate seal!

Cleaning the furniture at regular intervals:

Cleaning the furniture at regular intervals helps in increasing the life expectancy of oak wood dining furniture. After you apply the wax polish, it creates a thin protective layer on top. So cleaning also becomes easier. You will only have to wipe the surface with a cloth (damp or gentle cleaning products that are made specially for hardwood). If there is any spill in any concentrated area, gently blot the area with a clean and soft damp cloth.

Need Best Temperatures and climate:

Keep at the best temperatures and climatic conditions. Wood thrives in a good airy condition and it might be difficult to maintain it in extreme conditions as well. Try to keep it away from extremely air conditioned rooms or extreme moisture. Try to keep a gap between the dining table and the wall for air to flow freely. You can also place protective felts under the table’s legs to protect the table and the floor from any marks.

Get a shine unlike ever before!

Furniture that has made of oak wood looks extremely elegant and fits perfectly into almost every kind of interior design and decoration. It is quite strong and durable and also resists daily wear and tear efficiently. But when you have a piece of furniture that is so good, you will have to take equally good care of it as well! Taking care of oak dining furniture is not that simple. Although it is known to be quite durable against harsh wear and tear, it tends to lose its natural beauty over a long period of time. You can now make use of some amazing remedies with which the natural beauty of oak wood can enhance for as long as you want!


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