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How to Pack for Subscription Service?

With the recent rise in e-commerce, buying and selling online has become an everyday concept. Hardly anyone can deny the fact that online marketing has flourished greatly in these past few years while providing people with the option to buy necessities and their desired products sitting at home. For some people buying online has become their regular, and it’s no longer just an option.

So, it’s obvious that the online market is of great importance to many. And to sustain it, we need to be careful how we provide these services to the consumers. To do that, we need to look at how we package and ship our products, whether the customer is content with the service and if the products are being returned due to damage during transit. Packaging is of utmost importance for any online business, and it would be beneficial for your online business to look into the packaging you use for your products

Now, subscription boxes are heavily reliant on their packaging. If your business runs a subscription service, it would be wise to look into good quality packaging because the packaging is what makes the first impression. And a good first impression goes a long way in helping your customers decide whether they should stay subscribed to your service or not.

What is a Subscription Box?

The subscription box is a beautiful and thrilling concept. It’s a jumble of random products from your brand that are thrown into a box. The surprise element is what compels people to go after these treasure-like boxes. This is only found in e-commerce businesses, and they’re delivered to you each month, with most companies creating different themes for each month of the service. For example, if it’s October, you’ll find many subscription-based businesses marketing a Halloween-themed mystery box full of appropriate products, such as shirts, decoration pieces, and all sorts of other accessories. Companies solely rely on this subscription-based marketing strategy, providing niche items to their customers each month for a fixed price regardless of what’s in the box.

The Crucial Role of Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in the subscription box service. If you’re thinking of using ordinary cardboard boxes, think again. The entire point of the subscription box is to entice the customer and build anticipation using the packaging to make the reveal of the products inside that much more thrilling. Using plain old colored cardboard boxes just doesn’t cut it. You won’t find any success in this business if you don’t put thought into your packaging.

With that explanation out of the way, let’s get to the main point of this article. That being the type of packaging box you need. For packaging your subscription-based products in a box, we recommend using rigid box packaging.

The Rigid Box

A rigid box is paper-based packaging that is made especially thick to make the box exceptionally durable and resistant to external forces. It consists of chipboard material often ranging from 2-3mm in thickness and covered in a layer of paper on the outermost shell, making it possible for the box to have anything printed on its cover. These boxes ensure maximum safety for your products while boasting a premium look that adds value to whatever product you pack inside of it.

Sound Structure

Some of the products you offer in your subscription package could be fragile. If they aren’t packaged well, you’d have tons of negative feedback from your loyal subscribers. This is one of the main reasons rigid boxes are the best option for your business. The solid panels of the box aren’t flexible, but their sturdy material provides sufficient protection to the products inside.

The Customizability

The customization factor plays a huge part in the success of your subscription box business. You have to design your package to make it look unique and stand out amongst all the competitors. Rigid boxes make it possible for you to print anything from written information to custom-themed designs anywhere you like on the box. It will help if you work to make your product look and feel premium, which is something rigid box fulfills, even with minimalistic customization.

But to make this possible, you have to view your packaging as a part of your product and value it just as much as the items inside it. Eventually, the customers will also start to consider the packaging a part of the overall product, and they’re sure to appreciate the attention to detail for each themed box.

The Pleasures of Unboxing

The experience of unboxing a mystery box full of surprises, there’s nothing else like it. For many people, the unboxing experience is the sole reason they keep using subscription box services. This is something that your business should focus on. Maximize your box’s premium feel by adding extra notes and tiny trinkets as bonus gifts. But the outside is just as important as the material inside. You should aim to make your packaging detailed and in line with the overall theme of your subscription box, to further enhance the unboxing experience.

The Best Provider

Now, if you’re sold on the concept of using rigid boxes for your subscription service, why not take the next step and place an order at The Legacy Printing. They give exceptional quality solutions for all your printing and packaging needs, all while providing free design support that will make sure your order is made suitable to your brand’s requirements. They even offer free shipping on all orders placed anywhere in the US, regardless of the weight or quantity.

But most importantly, The Legacy Printing is hailed as the best packaging solution by its customers. Their customer service is praised explicitly for being able to adapt to each customer’s varying needs. No matter the type of brand and product you present to them, they will develop the perfect packaging that meets your product’s needs and exceeds your customer’s expectations. And if you’re running on a budget, they’ve got you covered. They provide affordable rates on their products, especially to manufacturers and retailers who can avail exciting deals with compelling rates.

Since your business will most likely need a large packaging inventory for incoming orders, you should stock rigid boxes by making bulk purchases. As bulk orders are charged lower rates per unit, you’ll end up saving money while fulfilling your inventory needs.

At the end of it all, if you have any packaging needs, they can be easily fulfilled by the great minds at the firm.

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