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How to manage payroll effectively

Businesses run much smoother when payroll is carefully taken care of and employees are paid the right amount on time. Here’s how to keep your payroll running effectively and keep staff happy.

Use payroll software

By using HMRC payroll software, the management of your employees’ payments will be much more effective. These types of software help you to ensure that payslips are accurate and that the right tax has been deducted automatically.

With this software, it means that you can also manage your payroll from anywhere, whenever you want, so you can be sure that things are running smoothly even while you take a short break away from your business.

Keep track of your workforce

It’s important to keep a record of your employees’ payments whilst with your business. Whether they’re currently taking maternity or paternity leave or are on long-term sickness and are in receipt of sick pay, it’s a good idea to keep note of this so that you can avoid any miscalculated paychecks.

This way, if issues do arise you will be able to trace them back to the point in which they went wrong and resolve them far easier than if they were to have slipped through the net and you’d not kept a paper trail.

Be transparent

Being clear and honest with your employees is a key part of running a business. If something goes wrong with payroll, it’s important to tell them straight away and explain how it’s going to be resolved, as opposed to leaving them in the dark about it. Employee frustrations with payroll can harm morale so it’s important to diffuse any tension and rectify the issue as soon as possible as misunderstandings can cause issues further down the line.

Modernize your employees’ sign-in method

If your employees write down their shifts on paper or use traditional punch-in cards, this can be tedious and time-consuming to add up. Not to mention it leaves room for error to take place.

By modernizing the way your employees clock in for a shift by either getting them to sign in digitally or use a thumbprint scanner, will let you know exactly how much your employees need paying down to the minute. This will also help keep an eye on breaks and will indicate whether staff are taking them properly or are spending too long of their shifts.

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