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How to Learn a New Language Fast In 2020

How to Learn a New Language Fast In 2020

Learning a foreign language is like a long adventure. It may seem easy at the beginning but will become more and more challenging during your long way of achieving fluency. If you don’t know how to start learning a new language, these tips will help you develop the best strategy to make your learning fast and fun.

  1. Use Language Learning Software

You may decide to study a new language with a personal teacher or by visiting special courses. While this costs money and needs your time to get to the courses, you can also try online language learning software. The biggest advantage of this way of studying is that you can study anywhere and whenever you have free time. According to ComboApp, a market of educational apps is highly competitive nowadays and the e-learning market worldwide is set to surpass $275 billion value by 2022. Therefore, you need to spend some time searching for an app with good reviews and high ratings and start studying when you have spare time.

Good Education apps

One of the good education apps we can recommend is Encore!!! app. With Encore!!! Language Learning, you can immerse yourself in the target language whenever you have time and from any place. You can study at home, in the car, or at the office. The app comes with a massive library with over 3,000 unique worlds. This content is organized into convenient playlists, and Encore!!! also gives you the option to add your own content and create customized playlists based on your unique goals.

  1. Communicate with Native Speakers

When you learn the basics of your target language, it is highly recommended to immerse yourself in the target culture to learn fast. You can try talking with native speakers online too. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is very important not only to talk with locals but also to listen to them in order to get familiar with their culture, accent, and pronunciation.

  1. Watch Movies and Listen To Local Music

It is very important to listen to local music and watch movies in your target language. In the beginning, you will definitely need to turn on the subtitles. However, as long as you learn more and more, subtitles and voiceover in your mother tongue will become not that necessary.

  1. Practice and Study Every Day

No matter how busy you are, try to find at least half an hour to dedicate it to learning. Even listening to music in your target language may help to immerse yourself in their culture. Every hour spent on learning matters. So, don’t try to always find a better time for studying, start doing it right now.

These are only some of the tactics that can help you to learn fast. Try to come up with the best strategy for learning for yourself and make it fun and productive.


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