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How To Identify The Best Crypto Casino

As more and more players get to know about the benefit of crypto gambling, the demand for crypto casinos has surged. While many operators now accept crypto to meet the rampant demand of crypto gamblers, far too many of these casinos are unsafe. Contrary to the attention that online casino Ontario real money received from the mainstream media, there is very little coverage of the intersection between gambling and cryptocurrency by gambling portals. This leaves many new gamblers at the receiving end of scammers, a problem that will damage the reputation of online gambling if neglected for far too long. This article will show gamblers how to identify and select the best crypto casinos in 2022.

Ascertain That the Website Is Secure

This is the first thing to consider when registering in a crypto casino. A crypto casino always has a huge influx of funds and players. This makes the platform a soft target of black hat hackers. Fortunately, most online casinos usually use a secure payment integration to collect and protect the users’ funds. But, we can’t say the same about facilities for protecting data. Hackers can do several heinous things with your biodata if it gets into their hands. Also, there is good news that GTA online casino is finally opening after more than five years

So while a casino website should protect users’ funds, the right crypto casino must also keep your data safe and anonymous. As steps for casinos to ensure players’ security, they shouldn’t request sensitive information from the players. In addition, the casino must also have an SSL certificate and DDOS to keep its website encrypted and safeguard against concentrated attacks.

The good news is you don’t have to be an IT expert before you know how to identify if a crypto casino website is safe. Hover to the official casino website. If the website address has a “lock” symbol and starts with ‘’HTTPS’’, then it’s safe from a design perspective. If it doesn’t have those features, then it’s insecure. Bots are also becoming a problem on most websites that generates a high-traffic. So it is best to ensure that the website also has “ReCaptcha” to distinguish bots from real humans.

Gambling License and Support

Another way to identify if a crypto casino is good is to check its gambling license. Let me lay it bare to you. The absence of a license in a casino is a total red flag. This is because casinos without licenses tend to have substandard facilities. There is no assurance that their game is fair or that the website will operate fairly. Again, a crypto casino without a license is not worth your time. In your quest to find the right crypto casino, we suggest that you prioritize casinos that acquire their gambling certificates from renowned regulatory bodies such as UKGC, Curacao Gaming Authority, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. If the crypto casino is based in Asia, then licenses from PAGCOR will be sufficient. If you’re an absolute newbie to the gambling space, the best place to look up a casino license is at the bottom of the home page. Sometimes you will find the link to the casino licenses in the FAQ section, or you may get direct information by contacting customer support.

No matter how sleek a casino is, running into slight issues now and then is inevitable. Difficulties are even more common when gambling with cryptocurrency because it is a relatively new payment method. So, you must go for crypto casinos with lively and responsive customer support. This professional will help you every step of your way, from the onboarding stage to how to play crypto casino games. Crypto casinos that prioritize players’ convenience have multiple ways to reach their support. This may be through live chat, telephone, email, and social media. Even better if the CS offers its services in several international languages.

Support a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

The best crypto casinos should support several cryptocurrencies. This is because there are many cryptocurrencies in the digital world, and each player tends to have a preference. The ability of casinos to support a wide variety of crypto gives players more convenience as they can easily deposit and withdraw with their choicest coin. This saves them the stress of converting from one coin to another. Some of the popular cryptos you should look out for in a potential crypto casino are BTC, ETH, XRP, SHIBA, DogeCoin, DAI, USDC, etc.

If you think crypto casinos don’t have bonus rewards, you should think again. Contrary to popular belief, crypto casinos tend to have sweeter bonuses than traditional casinos. Depending on how generous the casino is, a crypto casino welcomes a bonus that may be as high as 3x-5x of your initial deposit. This enables you to try various casino games.

Choosing a crypto casino with many exclusive bonuses would be best to enjoy a satisfying experience. As a caveat, don’t jump on a casino because it has enticing bonuses. The sweeter the casino reward, the more difficult redeeming such a bonus for cash tends to be. So endeavor to read the bonus rules and wagering requirements before depositing your funds to avoid unforeseen complexities.

Boast Large Game Collection

The right crypto casinos must possess a huge game library. This enables players to find options that speak to them. More than that, the casino game should be exciting and diverse to satisfy players with different preferences. This is a win-win situation that keeps everyone who visits the casino engaged throughout their playtime and increases their spending potential. Some of the games every modern crypto casino must have in its library are:

  • Online slot
  • Online Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Live dealer casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Dice
  • Bingo
  • Online scratch card
  • 3D blockchain games

Creditworthy Platform and Trustworthy Operator

Should you deposit funds if the casino checks the list above? Not yet. A common investment tip is not to avoid putting money in a venture you don’t trust. This same principle applies to crypto gambling. You must ensure that the gambling platform is trusting and creditworthy. So, try to check the casino in the media. Have other users played on it? Have experts reviewed the crypto casino? Does it have a legitimate founder? Does it have partnerships with top brands and celebrities? The answer to this question will guide you to know if the casino is trustworthy and that you gamble at the best casino.

Unfortunately, the only way to know if a casino is crypto-worthy is to try to play real money games. If the casino game odds and RTP turn out to be fair, and they pay your earnings on time, you should probably stick with the casino. However, if you suspect the slightest manipulation, you should not commit more funds to such crypto casinos.


Those are actionable tips for selecting the best crypto casinos and making real money from gambling in 2022. Kindly let us know if this is helpful in the comment section. You can also ask a question or add some tips that worked for you.

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