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How to Hide Apps in MI? – Hot News!

Xiaomi phone users can now enjoy hiding their apps with fabulous convenience. The following certain steps will help the users to hide the apps. A phone comprises multiple apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook. Instagram, grocery apps, Music apps, game apps, and much more. Here we will learn How to Hide Apps in MI?

Reasons to Hide Apps

People like to hide their phone apps due to enormous reasons. People who give preference to their privacy take advantage of the hide app facility. Similarly, when the kids are using apps on your phone quite often, then you can hide these. Likewise, when you are having online banking or different types of online transfection apps on your phone, then you must hide it from others. 

The hide app facility will let you do the needful quite swiftly. The apps often comprise sensitive data, which is better to be hidden from others. Hence, business people often like to have their phone apps hidden so that only they can approach these apps when required. 

Hiding of Apps in Mi Phones

Method 1 – Steps to Hide Apps in Mi

The steps to hide apps in Mi are easy. Users can hide the apps whenever they like. It does not consume much energy or time. You can hide some specific apps or all apps as per your choice. The steps that help you hide the app are:

  • Navigate settings on the phone and then tap on it. Now tap at the App Lock. You will get the chance to hide the apps that you want. 
  • Make the selection for the desired apps that you are eager to hide. After making the selection of apps for hiding, cross-check it. Add on the app in it if you mistakenly left any. 
  • Upon satisfaction, tap at the button toggle. Through such simple steps, you will be able to hide the app in Mi as these will be shifted to the hidden folder. Hence, you cannot view these apps on the home screen of your phone. The feature of hiding apps in Mi is available for those users who are having MIUI. 
  • Take the assistance of your two fingers and spread these on the home screen. Through this spreading of fingers, you will observe the message on the mobile screen asking for the password. When you enter the password correctly, then the hidden app’s folder will be seen on the screen.

Method 2 – Hide the Preinstalled Apps

Now there comes a smartphone having the pre-installed apps in it. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is one such phone which comprises certain pre-installed apps. Users can hide these pre-installed apps to have a clearer home screen. Hide these pre-installed apps by navigating the Parameters in the Redmi Note 9S and then make the selection for Applications in the menu section. 

Now, choose the pre-installed apps which you no longer want to see on the phone screen. Make a selection for all the pre-installed apps which you are eager to hide. Now, tap at the button of Deactivate, and you are done with the steps of hiding the pre-installed apps. These apps will no longer be visible in the app’s list of the phone.


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