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How to get more patients for your healthcare business

For promoting a business, the traditional means of marketing seem to be less instantly effective than the digital ones. This is also applicable to the healthcare industry. How to get more patients, it is essential to change the current strategy and use the latest promotional techniques.

These days, there are a variety of media and tools for marketing the healthcare business in a quick and effective manner, including social media and SEO. It is worth investing in them even by taking healthcare practice loans.

However, finding the most effective strategy to get more patients could be an overwhelming task due to the myriad of ways available. To make this task easier, here are some of the proven tips.

Comprehend Patients and Their Needs

The goal is to attract patients. So, it is essential to know about them. For this, the practitioners need to recognize the demographics of the region in which the business is there. Characteristics such as gender, average age, marital status, and occupation tend to affect the channels and strategies of marketing.

For example, if the surrounding population is mainly youth, the strategy could be to have more pediatricians for attracting them when they are sick or need health-based guidance. Analyzing such data aids in knowing the target audience and arranging the best promotion campaign.

The easiest way to know the audience is to get started by going through the records of the existing patients. Once the patients are known, it is time to recognize their needs and expectations, and what the business is doing to fulfill them.

It is wise to conduct satisfaction surveys to comprehend what are the concerns of patients regarding the service and quality. Consider discussing with them on subjects related to treatment, diagnosis, and hospitality, either on social media or face-to-face. It is also wise to go through the review websites and find out what the patients are sharing about the business.

Another way to do is to use surveys via sentiment analysis software. These surveys help in comprehending the patients’ emotions and tracking them well via a meticulous analysis. The chosen software sends a survey link to the patients immediately after they leave the clinic or office.

Harness Technology

This is a trendy but essential way to attract more patients. Consider using an online portal for coordinating administrative services rather than phone calls. This works if the target audience is mostly youngsters.

These days, most of us do not prefer to call for making an appointment; they rather prefer doing the same using a mobile app. This is how practitioners can make it easy and quick for them to come in while avoiding futile visits. This will also help in making the business more popular than before.

The same portal for patients can also enable them to view their lab results, which means the patients will not have to come to the clinic just to know that the report is yet not ready. It is also a good practice to respond to each e-mail in a satisfactory manner or send appointment reminders via an automatic reminder tool.

One more initiative to take is to make and share small videos on social media. Videos are undoubtedly the most engaging media to attract people to see what the established healthcare business can do for them. From the short 20-second videos to long tutorial videos and from infotainment to announcement videos, there are many choices.

Such technological initiatives will help patients to save both time and efforts. They will make them happy due to which they are likely to refer the service to others too.

Make Website Mobile-friendly

Is there a website for the services on offer? If no, it is high time to build one. If yes, it is high time to upgrade it to a mobile-friendly version. Having an easy-to-use and a responsive website is essential for expanding the healthcare business and gaining new patients.

However, having just a website is not enough; there is a need to ensure that it works on smartphones as well as it works on computers or laptops. More and more people have started using smartphones for accessing healthcare service websites and patient portals.

So, it is wise to make the existing website such that the user experience remains the same regardless of the device in use.

Start Blogging

No, there is no need to be a good writer or a programmer to start a blog. Just some basic English knowledge along with expertise in the practice field is enough. Start by posting blogs with fresh, original content on the most researched topics on the business website.

Doing this consistently leaves an impression that keeping the patients updated is also an objective for which the business is striving. Consider providing health tips, practice updates, and announcements of local events. It is wise to promote the blog using social media and allow the readers to comment.


These are some of the proven ways to attract how to get more patients! Remember, exposure is the key here!

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.

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