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How to dive underwater with cozumel

How to dive underwater with Cozumel

Cozumel is basically a Mexican island and considered as one of the best dive sites in Cozumel. Before starting diving, everyone searches for the places where should they dive in or not depending on the experiences and diving skills and sea and weather conditions can’t be regretted too. Our team is here for you to determine which site will be proved to the best for you to dive in.


1-Palancar Gardens Reef

It is probably the favorite place for Scuba divers. Its bright colored coral is the outstanding feature for the divers. The reef stretches about 3.5 mile and angelfish, parrot fish, octopus and other fishes will be seen when you will swim up to the surface.

Immersion depth: 25 meters

Difficulty level: All experience levels


2- Columbia Wall

The Columbia Wall has outstanding cave, cave systems and tunnel. This is one of the best place for professional and unique photography. Giant coral pillars will he seen from almost 20 meters height. Blue Tangs (surgeon-fish), large barracuda, turtles, reef fish and eagle rays are seen most of the times when people dive in the place.

Immersion depth: 30 meters

Difficulty level: Open Water diving skills required


3-Punta Tunich

This amazing location has white sandy bottom with long extended coral ridges, raised from the sand dunes. Nurse Shark, Barracuda, snapper fish, sea fans, gorgons, sponges are found in the depth of the location.

Immersion depth: 10-30 meters

Difficulty level: Experienced divers only


4-Paradise Beach

It is a perfect spot for the divers to enjoy a hassle-free day. You can dive there during day and night as well. It is considered to be the best underwater world you will discover in a few minutes. Leather back turtles, Hawks bill turtles, crustaceans and angelfish will be the best and unforgettable experience for the divers.

Immersion depth: around 4-5 feet

Difficulty level: All levels


Dive Packages of Cozumel

Different cozumel dive packages are offered to our customers and some of them are above:

1-Night/Twilight dive ($100 USD)

  • Leave from the Marina Fonatur Cozumel
  • Pick up from South of the Marina
  • 2 dives; a 70-80 ft dive & a shallow night dive
  • Includes Marine park fee, snacks, water, juices, towels, tanks and weights


2- Two Tank dive trip ($90 USD)

  • Leave from Marina Fonatur Cozumel
  • Pick up from South of the Marina
  • 2 dives; a 70-80 ft dive & second 40-50 ft dive
  • Includes tank, weights, snacks, fruits, purified water, juice, towels and Marine Park fee


3- Night dive ($60 USD)

  • Leave from the Marina Fonatue Cozumel
  • Consists of one shallow night dive
  • Includes the fee of Marine park, towels, purified water and juice, weights and tank



We provide different packages cozumel dive certification according to their requirements and how much they want to learn about diving.

1-PADI Open Water Diver ($430 USD)

  • 5 theory-based modules, 4 open-water dives, 5 confined-water dives & a written examination
  • Completion of exercises at the end of each module

2-PADI Adv. Open Water Diver

  • 5 dives; 3 dives of your choice & underwear navigation required for other 2 fives
  • Requires familiarizing of yourself & do review exercises

3-PADI Enriched Air Diver ($260 USD)

  • Learning how to select best dive mix by some calculations
  • Learning how to use enriched air, air depth and oxygen analyser
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