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How to design a Nursery with Temporary Wallpaper

If you are a serious upcoming parent that wants to design cosy and a magical nursery for the little angel, you must be ready to invest a lot of time researching and choosing the right theme, color, and patterns for the room. However, with the right guidance, the whole process will be a piece of cake. With stick on removable wallpaper, you can create your dream nursery for your little angel. However, the process of choosing, picking and installing peal and stick wallpapers can be complicated especially if you lack enough information. Luckily, we are here to guide you on how to design a nursery using temporary wallpapers.

Choosing Temporary wallpapers

There are many different types of wallpapers out there which make the process of choosing complicated. Choosing the right one will make applications and removing them a breeze. Here are the top three most popular wallpaper types to choose from.

  • Non-pasted-These wallpapers are plain papers with no applicable adhesive. What this means is that they are dry and you will have to use a special adhesive to stick them on the wall. This kind of wallpapers becomes a nightmare to remove and they can damage the walls.
  • Pre-pasted-These kinds of wallpapers have adhesive meaning that you will only need to apply some water and stick it to the wall. In case of updates and upgrades, you will only have to peel these wallpapers from the walls.
  • Self-Adhesive wallpapers-These are the best and the most popular temporary wallpapers to go with. They have their own adhesive and for that reason, you only need an activator to activate the adhesive and apply on the walls.

Pick the right color

Colors are sensitive considerations that you should have especially for new born babies. It’s advisable to choose blue for boys and pink for girls. But this is not a mandatory thing, you only have to choose these colors if you have your heart set on them. You can actually go for other traditional colors that are gender neutral. You also need to know that the color preferences will change as the kid grows.

The pattern

When it comes to patterns, you don’t have to follow what you see other people doing. The type of pattern will vary depending on the size of the room; so, don’t be afraid to choose a bold stripe or other gauges with Disney Pixar cars theme.

What’s trending

Before you buy the different nursery wallpapers, you need to determine what is trending. In 2021, floral is a huge trend meaning that it can be a great deal for the nursery. Moving on to patterns, you can choose geometric patterns and soft color patterns because they are as well trending.

Pick up and apply your nursery wallpaper

When it comes to picking the right wallpaper for the nursery, don’t listen to what people are saying about different picks. Choose temporary wallpaper that is good and the one that will blend well with your approach. Peel and apply the wallpapers from top to bottom.

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