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How to Chose the Perfect Ammo Safe

How to Chose the Perfect Ammo Safe: Doomsday. Self-defense. Next hunting season. An angry mob arriving at your doorstep. Whatever the reason, storing ammo at home should be done in a locked safe.

Manufacturers say the average shelf life of ammunition is about 10 years. However, there are a lot of factors that go into determining the actual shelf life. Proper storage is one factor that can extend it.

Keeping ammo under lock and key will not only provide the best storage environment but will increase the safety in your home. If safety and security is something you seek, read on to learn what to look for in the perfect ammo safe.

Protect Ammo From Humidity

Ammo storage is best done in a cool, dry, and dark place. Any safe will provide darkness and even temperature control, so it will be vital to control the humidity in your storage environment.

The most humid part of the home is the basement, so if you plan on storing your ammo there, ensure that your safe will provide proper humidity control. A safe with a seal around the door should suffice to keep airborne moisture from entering and damaging your ammo. Using a dehumidifier in the basement will also help reduce the overall humidity levels down there.

Biometric Entry

A gun safe with biometric entry, or fingerprint scanning keypads, will do the job at keeping out children, thieves, or anyone else for that matter. Look for a safe with a multi-finger programmable code for ultimate security.

These safes are also great options if you have the habit of losing keys. Gun safety should be paramount in every household. If a lost key ends up in the wrong hands, you could be liable for any accidents, damage, or death that may occur.

Hidden Wall Ammo Safe

If secrecy and discretion are of importance to you, then consider a concealed wall-mounted safe. These safes are designed to fit neatly in between wall studs and lay flush to your wall. They will provide enough storage space for ammo and small firearms, but lack the size for a lot of ammunition.

Keeping your ammo stored in a hidden wall-mounted safe is a good way to deter any unwanted attention. Plus, you’ll get to choose an inconspicuous painting to hang over it like they do in the movies.

Fireproof and Waterproof

In the unfortunate event of a fire or flood, you’ll want to have your guns and ammunition protected by a safe that is both fireproof and waterproof. Strong steel to make up the outer walls of the safe will guarantee protection from fire. A sealed safe door and seams will ensure no water will enter your safe and damage your ammo.

These features are standard in most high-quality safes but ensure the one you plan on buying is rated for fire and flood safety.

Know What to Look For?

Keeping your ammunition secure in an ammo safe is a great way to improve safety around your home and protect your investment. Safe’s that are sturdy, resistant to fire and floods, and have secure entry methods are your best bet. If you liked this article and want to read more like it, check out some other posts on our blog.