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How to Choose the Best Second-hand Phones

It can be hard to quantify the exponential growth of smartphones and mobile technology across the globe, but in 2019 there were an estimated 55.5 million mobile phone users located in the UK alone (accounting for 82.9% of the population).

What’s more, many of us retail two or three older phones that we’ve yet to discard, meaning that the number of mobile devices locked away in households nationwide is potentially huge.

While this may encourage you to scour the market for a second-hand phone, however, the question that remains is what to look for when comparing the market? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Where Should You Look?

There are numerous marketplaces in which you can buy and sell smartphones, including peer-to-peer platforms such as eBay or international eCommerce hubs like Amazon.

These are trusted and licensed platforms, while you can further safeguard your interests by ensuring that any individual vendor has positive reviews and a solid track record of trading.

Interestingly, there are also platforms on which you can trade in your iPhone 12 Mini or similar handset with a new or refurbished device, enabling you to secure a high-quality smartphone with a significantly reduced financial outlay.

Remember, Apple and Samsung also sell refurbished handsets directly, with this offering a viable option for those of you who want to deal with trusted sellers.

When Should You Buy?

Timing is also important when buying a second-hand phone, as you should always ensure that your purchase coincides with the release of the handset’s successor or the latest wave of high-end devices from Apple and Samsung.

Make no mistake; many people prefer to secure an immediate upgrade when new devices are released, creating an entire market of sellers and an opportunity to buy used phones at a competitive price,

Of course, Apple and Samsung tend to release their new devices at different times, so you’ll need to time your purchase depending on which handset you favor.

How Much Should You Pay?

The market for second-hand smartphones is diverse, with numerous makes and models available to buyers.

So, it can be hard to determine an average price for a second-hand device, as this will vary depending on the make, its condition, and the motivation of the vendor to get rid of their old phone.

Remember, professionally refurbished phones will cost a little more as they’re likely to work as new, whereas those sold in the private market should be available for a little less.

Ultimately, it’s important to undertake market research and understand a particular device’s value before making an informed decision, otherwise, you’ll run the risk of paying over the odds for your smartphone.

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