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How To Choose Hairdressing Scissors

Everyone makes blunders. Ask any hairstylist, and they’ll undoubtedly be able to tell you about a few. The color went wrong because the cutting shears were confused with the thinners. But clients’ hair grows back, right?

Too many hairstylists will tell you the biggest mistake of their careers is to buy hair-cutting scissors that weren’t right. We’re here to save you from the same fate.

They designed good quality hairdressing scissors and shears to be used for many years. They’re made from the highest quality stainless steel material and are at the cutting edge of ergonomic design. It is very important Choosing Hair Scissors USA for an amazing haircut.

The price reflects both of these characteristics. You’ll need a lot of haircuts to recoup your investment, so invest in a pair of shears or scissors that you’ll love for a long time.

Take into account all of the Scissors’ components.

When Choosing hair scissors, there are a few factors to consider.


In hairdressing, the handle is one of the most significant pieces of the scissors since it acts as an extension of your hand. You’ll need scissors that are as comfortable as possible. To your feet, they’re similar to a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Straight handles are suited for hairdressers who use their middle fingers to grasp their scissors. Years ago, this style was the only option, but it’s no longer as popular after being connected to health and safety issues caused by continuous use.

Your fingers can sit in a more natural, relaxed position thanks to the offset handle. Offset handles are similar to crane handles in that they allow you to drop your elbows for added comfort. Swivel scissors contain a rotating thumb ring that allows you to rotate your thumb to different locations while still allowing for natural hand movements.

Many hairstylists who are concerned about overuse injuries now prefer to utilize offset, crane or swivel handles for the majority of their job and only use straight handles for specific cuts.

Scissors’ Length

Do you have large or little hands? The length of scissors that are most comfortable for you will be determined by your hands. Scissors and shears come in lengths ranging from 4.5 to 8 inches.

If you’re not sure what size to get, measure the length of the blade against your middle finger and the distance between your palms to make sure they’re both the same size. Longer pairs of scissors are heavier and less controllable than shorter pairs.

Most female hairdressers use 5.5 to 6-inch scissors as a general rule (of thumb), while most men choose 6-inch or larger alternatives.

Steel’s Quality

Professional scissors must be made of extremely high-quality steel. Scissor Tech is committed to providing only 440C steel scissors and shears with an HRC/Rockwell hardness of 57. Depending on the application, we look for 440C, ATS314, VG10, and Damascus steel with high quantities of cobalt to boost hardness and endurance. Aichi and Hitachi make some of Japan’s greatest steel, according to our research.

Availability of Customer Support

You must ensure that the firm from which you purchase will provide excellent service both before and after your purchase. When you acquire professional hairdressing scissors, you’re investing in a long-term investment.

Purchasing from a respected firm that has been in business for several years ensures that you will be able to contact them in the future if you need assistance with a warranty claim or service.

What Kind of Professional Scissors Do You Need?

The sort of scissors you wish to acquire will be determined by the types of cuts you make most frequently.

Scissors for Cutting

Because of its sharp edge, we utilize blade scissors for straight cuts, especially slicing. Bevel-edge and convex blade scissors are the two types of blade scissors.

The blades of bevel-edge scissors have a small bevel sharpened into them to make cutting easier. Cutting scissors with convex blades are sharper and more precise. Apprentices frequently begin with micro-serrated scissors because they grasp the hair better and make a straight cut easier.

Texturizing Shears Blending

When using blade scissors to thin out hair, it’s easy to go overboard. A pair of texturizing scissors will keep you from cutting too much hair off and give you more control, especially if you have fine hair.

Thinning Scissors with a Wide Tooth

A pair of wide teeth thinning scissors is required when removing larger pieces of hair from clients with thick or coarse hair. They remove a greater percentage of hair and do the job faster.

Ask if you can return them if they aren’t what you expected

A good pair of hairdressing scissors is not a cheap purchase. While an image of a pair of scissors on the internet may be worth a thousand words, it doesn’t tell you how they’ll feel or cut in your hands.

You may find them to be too long, too short, too heavy, or the wrong color. Whatever the case may be, you should be able to return them and receive advice on a pair that might be a better fit. Check the store’s return policy to make sure you can return them if they’re not what you expected because mistakes happen, right?

Is there any way to get a warranty?

On professional hairdressing scissors and shears, not all guarantees are the same. Some brands have a limited guarantee, while others provide a lifetime warranty.

When you pay a bit extra upfront for a better set of scissors, you usually get scissors that last longer. It’s enough to make you cry when your favorite pair of scissors stops operating, and they’re not covered by warranty.

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