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How to Become an IAS Officer

Many people dream of having the status of IAS officer. They feel massively inspired by IAS officers and want to pursue their careers in it. Having a dream is one thing but putting all the efforts in the right direction to achieve the aim is another thing. If you are very passionate and enthusiastic about your career, then get to know the entire details about it. Moving in the rational direction will let you achieve your goals. Let’s learn the keys of How to become an IAS officer?

Role of IAS Officer

The role of the IAS officer is to serve the country with dedication and honesty. He is responsible for assisting in the implementation of government policies and in the process of policy framing. Moreover, he conveys the feedback of the implemented policies to the government to make it aware of the policy’s impact. There are certain ways or eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill for becoming an IAS officer. It is mandatory to have an entire idea about these in advance. One must be a graduate to apply for the exam. Both genders are eligible for applying to this post.

Steps to Become IAS Officer

how to become IAS officer

It is compulsory for the candidate to pass the Civil Services Examination to enjoy the status of an IAS officer. It is conducted each year by UPSC, where civil servants are recruited. The process includes the release of notification for the exam, and all the candidates enrolled themselves in it. Now, they prepare well to pass the examination. The examination comprises multiple significant phases. These phases can categorized as:

  • The phase of Preliminary Examination
  • The phase of Civil Services Examination
  • Personality Test or Interview

After passing the preliminary examination, the eligible candidates have to clear the written exam. Hence, they have to come up to the examination hall with strong preparation. After clearing the exam successfully, they are not eligible for the final phase. In this phase, the panel of government officials conduct the interview with the candidates and judge their capabilities. 

When they pass the interview, then they become IAS officers. Now, they can serve the nation as an IAS officer. All of these phases have their own significance and hence should be given much care. Every year, a huge number of people apply for the exam, but not everyone passes. It is a tough exam to be passed, and hence one needs to be highly passionate about it. 

Formula to Success in Exams

It is compulsory to prepare for multiple subjects to be an IAS officer. The candidate should have knowledge of the nature of the exam. Keep on reading the standard books quite deeply and thoroughly as the question could be from anywhere. One mandatory thing to become an IAS officer is awareness about current affairs. 

Go through current affairs from the news, social media, and newspaper on a daily basis. Do not take these crucial exams for granted but practice hard for them. Give as many mock exams as you can. Improve your writing skills to write the descriptive answers properly in the least possible time. The formula to success is revision. Do not get offended by going through the content again and again. Keep on practicing to fresh your knowledge again and again through the process of revision.