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How to be parents with the help of surrogacy process?

How to be parents with the help of surrogacy process: Everyone wants to have a child in marriage. If you are normal, but there is no child after some years of marriage, the next step is to surrogate a child. You can make a surrogate child with your wife and have a biological baby.

On the other hand, you have to hire a woman for surrogacy. Medical staff should to transfer the embryo into her body as well. The surrogate mother from USA is expensive (40 000 USD and more), but  leihmutter USA kosten  from other country with permitted surrogacy can be cheaper (from 15 000 USD). A process of surrogacy may be costly. You can discuss the cost before hiring a woman for this procedure. You need to keep some factors in mind when you go for surrogacy in the clinic.

Are you going to hire a woman for surrogacy?

It is possible in Greece, Canada, Ukraine and USA and Georgia. Anyway you can make contract with clinic from permitted countries and get baby born in mostly countries of the World. Ask more  about leihmutter Griechenland kosten with surrogacy clinic staff. Some other factors that you need to know about the health of the women are here.

What is included in surrogacy with baby born in Greece?

Many clinics offer different services: Economy, Standard and VIP packages of surrogate services. The cliic or agency can offer the cheapest surrogacy service with one IVF transfer. If you are in poor health, smoke or drink alcohol, or are over 40, this is a risk group. We do not recommend this service – it is a loss of your money. In case of the first unsuccessful transfer, the agency will leave you without money and a child. Only a package of surrogate services with level from VIP is good. In this case, you are guaranteed to become the parent of your child.

How much cost it for Greece?

Price for baby birth in Greece depends from several positions:

  • Husband and wife treatment, embryology services, IVFs
  • Surrogate mother cost
  • Transfer to Greece
  • Medical services (baby born)
  • Insurance
  • Cost of living
  • Legalisation

Medical service with VIP level cost 75 000 EUR.




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