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How Technology has Changed the Gaming Industry for the Better

Gaming has changed so much when you look at the way things were just 20 years ago. If you want to find out more about that then take a look below to find out more.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is truly one of those things that have become the norm in recent times. That being said, not too long ago, this was not possible given the limitations of tech advances. The internet might be powerful but at the time hardware could not keep up. If you look at the online casino NetBet you’ll have the opportunity to play almost any online casino game you want from the comfort of your own PC and you don’t even need a big gaming PC to keep up. The internet and tech evolution, in general, has also made it more than possible to communicate and strategize as well which is really interesting. This has brought a completely new dimension to strategy games and FPS games too.

Digital Sales

We are also seeing a huge shift away from more physical products, with people gravitating more towards online sales. This trade-off is great because for players, it means that production costs are lowered, which reduces the price per game. The only issue is that digital games are sometimes impossible to sell which means that it is harder to loan a game to a friend. This works well for production companies as it means that they are often able to make more sales.

Rise of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has come a very long way when you look at solitaire and even snake. Limitations in hardware have slowed down a lot of progression in the field but now it looks like there are mobiles that have huge processors. They are powerful enough to run a lot of console games too. One industry that has really honed in on this niche would be mobile gambling. This allows people to play certain games while they are on the go.

AR Gaming

Virtual reality is finally becoming way more accessible but it is augmented reality that is taking over. It actually started with Pokémon Go but now we have things like Mario Kart Live as well. This has caught the eye of adults all across the world. The best thing about this is that it allows you to take karts from the game and you can put them in a custom environment. Games like this have helped to show the general possibility for gaming and it also makes it a lot easier for people to get the experience they want without breaking the bank. More and more companies are now paying attention and it is a great way for people to push the boundaries of gaming as we know it.

So these are just a few ways that gaming has changed over the years. It would not be surprising to see things take a step forward once more, in the near future as VR and holograms advance.

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