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How prepare yourself for moving to Seattle?

Seattle is the most beautiful place on the planet. It is located between Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges and besides the shores of Lake Washington and Puget Sound. The natural beauty of Seattle makes people think of staying in Seattle forever. Staying anywhere in the world can be challenging if people are not aware of the things of a certain place. You need to be well-prepared if you are thinking to move to a certain place in the world. You should choose the best Seattle moving company to move to Seattle. Some of the most significant things you should know before moving to Seattle are mentioned below.

Know the costs of living

People have to manage costs while living in whatever area of the world. So the same is the case is with moving to Seattle. You should be well-prepared for the costs you have to make before you move to Seattle.

  • The average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment is $1800 and for two bedrooms apartment is $2390.
  • However, the average costs for the utilities start from $158 while the costs for the internet services range from $45 to $90.
  • Transportation rates are different for adults and children that may be $75 to $116 for adults depending upon the distance traveled.
  • There are certain expenditures for food and water. Moreover, these are estimated costs and these keep fluctuating over time.

Know the Seattle neighborhood

People somehow need to know the neighborhood that Seattle provides to the visitors and residents. A neighborhood guide can help you in this regard.

Know about transportation

Before you move to Seattle, you need to know that there is quite terrible traffic in Seattle. Seattle is one of the top ten cities in the United States and it is quite famous for having the worst traffic there. But there is a Link train that takes passengers to and from the airport. Moreover, Angle Lake and the University of Washington come along the way to the airport.

Tips to consider to live in Seattle

People are always in search of the most effective tips that help them know how to manage things and live in Seattle. Some of the most effective tips to consider to live in Seattle are mentioned below.

  • Seattle is quite famous for its rainfall as there is an average of 37.13 inches of rainfall every year which means there are almost 150 days of rainfall per year. So you should never forget to take your raincoat with
  • You may find it interesting to go out in the town and explore different regions of Seattle. You must go to explore Mountain Rainier National Park
  • You should never book an apartment without seeing the apartment in person as there can be countless rental scams.
  • You must go to visit festivals held in Seattle. You must try Pride fest, Capitol Hill, LGBTQ arts, community, and culture. However, there are several festivals that are held throughout the year so you should never miss any of these festivals.
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