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How Much Do Homes Cost In Popular Canadian Filming Locations?

Have you ever watched a TV show and seen a location that makes you want to live there? Or wondered if people actually live in these spectacular and beautiful homes? Well, the good news is that it is actually completely possible to live in these locations and own such homes. However, the bad news is that it often comes at a price much bigger than you’d expect from regular homes.

These TV locations can be found all around the globe, and Canada is home to many of such locations. Here, we take a look at the costs of Canadian homes that are popular filming locations.

Costs of owning a TV home

A home can dramatically gain value after filming a popular TV show in it. According to research by ComparetheMarket home loans, some homes can double the value in just 5 years after filming, as you can see in the image below. Internationally, one of the biggest examples of homes skyrocketing in price would be houses from Breaking Bad. While the house of Walter White isn’t actually for sale, the number of visitors and pizzas thrown on the roof prove just how popular it is and how much interest it generates.

Canada isn’t short on such popular houses that cost a lot due to television fame. Most of the fame goes to big-shot shows such as Breaking Bad, but there are other famous TV shows that get a look-in.

Costs of owning a TV home

The most popular locations in Canada

It stands to reason that if the show is popular on an international level, that brings the price of the homes featured in it up even more. Here are a few examples of famous TV houses and their prices.

The Queen’s Gambit

Everyone was swept away by The Queen’s Gambit, and the prices of homes were too. According to estimates, the price of the main character Beth Harmon’s home could go from $524,493 to $2,542,779 by 2030.

As the chess prodigy in The Queen’s Gambit, there is an ongoing discussion about whether Beth Harmon is a completely fictional character or if she is based on a real person. What is real is the huge price tag that the lucky owners of this house have on their hands.

Virgin River

Continuing with the main characters, Melinda Monroe’s log cabin from Virgin River is also spiking in price. From an already staggering price of $1,262,960, the price is predicted to increase to $1,437,090 in 2030. And depending on how season 5 will unfold, this attractive log cabin might attract even more value.

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane is a new show that has shown a lot of promise. It only aired in 2021, but the price of Young Tully’s and Kate’s house is already in the millions. The estimated price is expected to increase from $1,536,667 to $5,704,179 in 2030. For an up-and-coming hit, this is a huge increase in price that can get even bigger.

Firefly Lane

It’s interesting how much our perception of something changes the true value of something; if these locations were not a part of these TV shows, they would just be like any other real estate. A fictional story was filmed at one location and boom, the price can skyrocket by millions of dollars. The image of something is far more valuable in today’s world than the objective truth behind the presented image.

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