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How looking into mice droppings help defining the underlying mice infestation

Mice droppings are little more that grain-of-rice sized pellets that mice extrude as part of their physiology. The house mouse is incontinent so if you suffer a mice infestation you are bound to find some mice poop underneath the kitchen units or at the back of the furniture.

The size of a mouse dropping tells a story

The size of mice droppings are directly correlated to to size and age of the house mouse that generated it. It may seem quite obvious but this has big implications on the nature of the mice infestation that is taking place. The larger the mouse droppings , then the older the mouse.

In our modern dwellings, mice infestations are seen as substandard living conditions, and people normally view them as unacceptable. Therefore whenever suffering from a mouse infestation, the residents would normally implement some mice control measure or call a professional pest control company.

In other words, we will want to get rid of mice one way or the other, and sooner rather than later. This is why mice are not likely to survive long in a residential context, possibly 1 year at the most. So when you find large mice droppings inside a property, it simply tells you that the surrounding area is very favourable to the house mice population.

Other signs of mice that are significant to mice control

Beyond the size of some of the mouse poop, what also matter is the number of mice droppings you find overall. The more droppings then, the more mice will have been around, and possibly the longer the mice infestation has been going on.

It is not unusual that I would inspect an area and actually find signs of mice but no dropings. It is quite common that after a mouse sighting a tenant would call a pest control company right away only to find out that the mouse they just saw was possibly just a 1 off intrusion.

But where there is a mouse, how many more do you actually have? Seeing a mouse inside your home means that the mice found a way to get in, and that there are mice around your home. The question does stand. If you look a mouse, how many do you expect? And that question is answered by the presence of mice droppings as RESIDUAL, MILD, ESTABLISHED, STRONG, or HEAVILY infested.

The worst the mouse infestation, the more mice activity and the more likely the appearance of smear marks. They are a tell sign of recurring mice infestations that could never be quite sorted out properly over the years. They are more apparent on the electric wires of domestic appliance, and on kitchen units kick-boards especially at dishwasher level.

As the mice keep on travelling over the same spot, the fat and the dust from their fur gets deposited the the sharp edge and surfaces turning what would have been otherwise white, into a darker shade. The stronger the smear mark the more established the mouse infestation. Smear marks are often not recognised for what they are, and people falsely assumed that the cable got dirty from being on the floor.

How to get rid of mice in various situations.

If there are signs of mice but no droppings, it is residual and the mice actually comes from the neighbouring are. The solution would be to get rid of mice before they have a chance to reach you and that would be the job of your neighbours. This is ever so true if you live on a top floor flat, even though you would have a pest control mice  treatment carried out, the mice would first need to come in before they can even reach your mouse bait.

If the mice infestation is already established, then you will been to treat to bring it down, but also have to speak with the neighbours. Mice travel 10-12 metres around the nest and that basically means 1 or 2 house removed.

If there are any smear marks, there will most likely need to be drastic changes either within your home, or in the home of your neighbours if you want any hope of not suffering recurring mice problems.

If ever you cannot get rid of mice before they reach you, then you will need to stop them from reaching you by blocking all the access points throughout your property. Mouse proofing seems an impossible task but it actually takes about 3-4 hours to mouse proof a typical London 2-3 bedroom terrace house.

If you would not be able to get the full mouse proofing, then more mice will keep on coming. As you kill them, the neighbours will keep on breeding them. It is quite unfair that most people suffering from a mouse infestation are actually made to pay for a problem that is not of their doing.

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