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How Long Should Washing Machines Last?

How Long Should Washing Machines Last? Here We Explained

Have you ever heard of washing machines with a specific lifespan? Yes, they will break down after a certain period. But what is the lifespan of a washing machine? It is for 14 years. Yes, they will last 14 years and then you may have to replace your washing machine with a new one.  Both front load and the top load washing machines come with the same lifespan, even when they use different technology and mechanism for washing the clothes.

In years:

Whether it is a top load or front load washing machine, it will work well for 14 years. This is usually calculated with the help of the number of loads it can wash or counting at least one load per day.

The number of loads:

The other way of calculating the lifespan of a washing machine is the number of cycles. They can perform before they stop working or breakdown. One load is equal to one cycle. So, when you are calculating for 14 years and one load per day. it should be able to handle 5110 cycles in that span. But some washing machines come with less rating and that kind of washing machine will not handle more than 4000 cycles. At the same time, there are washing machines that are rated high and they can handle 8000 cycles as well. You need to check the cycle rating when you are buying a washing machine. Just paying a few bucks extra will enhance the life of your washing machine, instead of you investing in a brand new product.


There are a few people who overload the washing machine to save a few cycles and a few bucks on other power bills. Washing Machines But you have no idea that stress or overloading the washing machine can reduce the lifespan. which will lead to the breakdown of the washing machine. The drive belts, the coupling, the drum when overstressed. They become hard and will not work as smoothly as they used to work earlier. Even a high rated washing machine of 8000 cycles, will reduce to 1000 cycles due to the stress.

How to extend the lifespan?

Washing Machines It is very simple and easy. If possible, wash less, and that will automatically extend the life of your washing machine. Even if you can wash your clothes manually once a week. Then one cycle will be reduced per week, and that will slowly extend life. When washing, try to wash the clothes in smaller loads. If you have large clothes like quilts, sleeping bags, comforters, it is good to take them to the commercial laundry. You may have to spend a few bucks, that is not as much as a new washing machine would cost you. Sometimes even repairs can cost you as much as a new washing machine, and still. You will not be able to guarantee that it is going to work fine. So, taking a little care of your washing machine can save you from investing in a new machine as it is not going to be a small investment.

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