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How is eleventh week of pregnancy different from previous ones?

How is eleventh week of pregnancy different from previous weeks

Till the closing of week ten, the baby was not visible yet. But they say, at the striking of the eleventh week of pregnancy, the baby will mould into proper and visible shape via ultrasound. This is why the week ten changes are adding up to initiate the new things in week eleven.

Week eleven is talking about the start of a new era of time. Now, ten weeks passed, new things are in demand. The changes might be visible as well because the baby intends to mould him/herself into a modified shape.

Additional symptoms

Following the track of previous symptoms like food cravings, mood swings, vaginal discharge increment, stomach disturbances, bloating and gas, constipation, nausea and vomiting, there are some new symptoms on the way during pregnancy weeks.

Let us have a review of the updated and new symptoms of the eleventh week of pregnancy. They are:

Excessive saliva

The hormonal editing, in addition to the disturbances of the stomach, might be leading to the issues of increase in the production of saliva in the mouth. It might happen due to the food carvings as the saliva is the first functional enzyme upon the edible in our body.

Appetite increase

Now, you might be feeling appetite in addition to crazy food carvings. This is helpful in the intake of food and healthy stuff so you may feel better. The healthy stuff can support your body in many ways. The appetite is not a carving, and it is a real one!

Always make sure that you are taking a better, indeed the best quality of food. It is better to take fresh food; instead, the cooked one shouldn’t be half cooked. It must be cooked properly. The raw and uncooked food is a threat indeed. It might lead to the danger of illness, and it is not a good idea at the moment.

Changes in the fetus

The fetal changes are rapid between the 9-11 week of pregnancy. It is the time when the baby is modifying its outlook and shape suitably. The outlook will be visible and justifiable in the form of proper body feature of the baby.

The baby has developed the head and neck region. It is in a twisted form, but still, these two portions cab en discriminated in the ultrasounds. The chest is upgrading, and the baby might be holding a potential chest zone.

The facial features are forming, and one may observe the shape of ears, mouth, lips and nose visible in the ultrasound. The nasal pathways are modifying too. The limbs are taking shape. The limbs seem elongated sometimes.

The hands and feet are forming. They are giving proper shape to the body. Nail beds are developing too. The bones are no more moulded. They are also in hard shape over time. Actually, mom is providing the calcium for it!

Important food habits during eleventh week of pregnancy

Now, it can be seen that the baby is growing at a fast pace in the closing of the ninth week until the running of the eleventh week. So, the mom needs to reconsider the essential items in the food list. The food list should include all the necessary elements for the baby’s growth.

The calcium is an important item at the moment, so take more and more healthy dairy items. This will lead to the strength of your baby’s skeletal structure. The minerals are essential as they are playing a vital role in muscle formation.

The iron is a vital ingredient of the food. It will be supportive in adding to the blood content and its quality in the baby. The healthy baby is the symbol of healthy eating habits plus a healthy lifestyle of the mother.

Don’t skip the water content, and it is an essential factor in supporting the health of the baby’s blood and nutrient flow. The more water is taking in means that the high influx of materials to and from the baby. This is a support to the baby’s health plan.

So, exercise properly and have a healthy eating routine if you intend to support your kid for the healthy and smart life. It is direct support to him/her from your side. So,  be potential in this regard!


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