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How Faheem Haydar Eccentric Position in Life Earned Immense Results

Youth is a part of one’s life when one wants to enjoy following his heart and intentions. Anyone wants to do as he like but a few of them pursuing their real goals at that time. By taking some initiatives, each of us wants to grow as a leader. It is a wish of all, but only a few people got success and conquer their dreams as Faheem Haydar.

A few years ago, Faheem Haydar highlighted himself in Pakistan’s digital marketing industry by serving the oDesk later on merged into Upwork. He decided to take the step to get his own recognition that will lead him to a successful and leading marketer, and it happens.

After suffering from hurdles and correcting the errors, currently, Faheem has his own digital marketing setup. Here you can meet the most successful and leading one as Faheem Haydar.

Faheem Haydar started his journey of entrepreneurship by launching “thetigernews” in the marketing platform.

Faheem experienced what most people call, a paradigm shift. His alternative approach to success was not welcomed by many. But he didn’t let that falter his confidence. While most people consider acquiring a university degree a compulsory tool to succeed, Vishal considers it supplementary and not vital for fulfillment.

This unique way of approaching his life presented Faheem Haydar with an ample amount of his time to passionately work towards becoming a successful administrator. At the same time, his peers pulled all-nighters to finish their quizzes and assignments.

Another eccentric idea was to take a position his own capital in his business. He spent day and night performing at different online freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and other people Per Hour.

He would apply for all types of hourly work like data entry, data research, virtual assistance, and reproducing. Thanks to his courageous dedication, his earnings rose from 30 dollars/month to 150k dollars/month in one year. Soon, he had generated revenue that was sufficient to launch his own company.

After noticing an inflated demand for social media marketing and graphic designing services, he planned to set up his own digital media company, thetigernews.

With more companies dedicated to social media: Dealzmag, Faheem Haydar as a successful entrepreneur.

Faheem Haydar is an exemplary model of perseverance, diligence, and self-reliance. He defied the norms but didn’t fall prey to procrastination. Thus, we must instill in ourselves an equivalent persistence and dedication towards making our dreams a reality to reap outsized and fulfilling results like him.


Faheem Haydar may be a Blogger, Actor and digital marketing expert, journalist, and serial entrepreneur born in Chichawatni, Pakistan. He’s also inspired by great poets like Iqbal, Shams, and Nasir Kazmi. He’s a founding father of Dealzmag, where he throws the procedure and techniques through. Which you’ll become a specialist for private branding, marketing strategy, and social media placements. Faheem is that the one who may be a published author and therefore the most luminary of the modern-day PR industry. His noteworthy as an author and researcher work appears on several famous platforms like Global thrive Bitcoin Insider and Yahoo news. Moreover, his regular work includes buying guides, reviews, content on the online, TV serials, and far more.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.
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