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How Does Copyright Work? Your Guide to Understanding Copyright Laws

How Does Copyright Work? Your Guide to Understanding Copyright Laws

Did you know that in 2019 there were over 20,000 requests for copyright registration in the USA alone?

Whether you are writing an article for a newspaper, a piece of computer software, or the novel you have always dreamed of, your writing is valuable.

It is so valuable in fact that others may want to steal it and profit from your hard work and diligent research.

You may be wondering how does copyright work? and how can intellectual property law protect me? If so, why not read our in-depth article below to learn more.

The Difference Between Copyright and Patent

If you have a good idea, one that you think will be successful, you should apply for a patent. This will protect the idea and legally prove that it originated with you.

However, following this, you will likely create guidelines, designs, and other documents as you develop this idea. You can protect these documents using copyright law. To ensure that you can benefit from legal protection, you should place a create a copyright notice on the document.

Who Owns the Rights?

Copyright can be applied to many types of intellectual property. This could include music, writing, or architecture to name a few examples. Copyright comes into play as soon as you complete the item. This actually happens automatically.

If an employee creates a document, it is usually the property of the employer. It is considered to be the property of the employer or the company. This may later change. The rights to the document can be sold from one person to another.

The owner has the exclusive right to distribute copies of the work, play it publicly, or create copies.

How Can My Work Qualify for Copyright Status

Copyright law is applied automatically to your work. However, to qualify you must be able to show that the work is your own. It is important to keep this in mind when you start work.

You must be able to show that you created the work without significant input from others and that the work required basic creativity.

Without meeting these two requirements you will not be able to copyright protect your work.

Interestingly, however, the elements in your work do not have to be unique. In other words, if you take existing work, re-work it or re-mix it, and the change is significant enough, you can apply copyright law to it.

How Does Copyright Work?

If you see the need to provide protection to your intellectual property, then copyright law could help you. If you have asked the question how does copyright work? and how can it protect me? you will likely now be in a better position to protect your work.

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